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Create Your New Chakra Blueprints


Are you constantly hitting the energetic replay button?

Create Your New Crown Chakra BlueprintAre you living your purpose or living by default? 

If you are not living your purpose, you’ll be living by default, feeling lost and confused.  Connecting to who you truly are will show you exactly where your Soul wants to go.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create your new Crown Chakra Blueprint.


Create Your New Third Eye Chakra BlueprintAre you inspired in your life, or lacking a visionary view? 

Without a clear view of what inspires you in life, you will be living your life with blinders on.  Or worse, living someone else’s idea of what you ‘should’ be doing and how you ‘should’ be living.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create your new Third Eye Chakra Blueprint.


Create Your New Throat Chakra BlueprintAre you expressing yourself fully, or are you holding back? 

Unless you are fully expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you’ll be missing out and tripping over opportunities to grow and experience fulfilling relationships.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create your new Throat Chakra Blueprint.

Create Your New Heart Chakra BlueprintAre you living from the heart, or with the barricades up? 

Living from the heart without the walls and defenses constantly up and ready for battle will open you up to the world and life that is full of love, acceptance and fulfilling connections.  Love makes the world go round, get on board.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create your new Heart Chakra Blueprint.


Create Your New Solar Plexus Chakra BlueprintAre you creating abundance, or struggling to just get by? 

Struggle and financial lack happen when you energetically turn the abundance tap off.  Financial success is the direct result of the Universe responding to your conscious ability to create it.  Open the abundance faucet to your life, and get the money flowing again.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create your new Solar Plexus Chakra Blueprint.


Create Your New Sacral Chakra BlueprintAre you experiencing your sexual joy or feeling frustrated and unfulfilled?

The beauty of your sexuality is more than what the eye beholds, but an expression at every level.  Bringing the Sacral Chakra into balance will have you experiencing your sacred sexual bliss again through body, mind and spirit.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create a new Sacral Chakra Blueprint.


Create Your New Root Chakra BlueprintAre you living with passion or feel disconnected and alone?  Feeling a lack of passion and vitality in your life can be a direct result of isolating yourself from Nature.  Connecting to Nature energizes you with the sustaining vitality of Mother Earth’s harmonizing energetic vibration with your body, mind and soul.

Stop hitting the energetic replay button and create a new Root Chakra Blueprint.

If your Chakra Blueprints are out of alignment on the inside, your life will show you on the outside.

Create Your New Chakra BlueprintsOver the past twenty years I’ve been helping people create the life they wanted.  I’ve coached people out of unhappy marriages, and helped them repair and heal the ones worth keeping.  I’ve also helped countless individuals find their true passion in life, launch a new career, overcome fears, create serenity and fall in love.

Using the gift of my intuition, along with integrating the vast pool of energetic healing expertise, knowledge and spiritual tools that I’ve gained over the last forty years, I tune in and identify what is standing in your way.  Whether the origin stems from subconscious beliefs created in childhood, reactionary buttons, habitual patterns, ancestral imprints or self-sabotaging behavior.

Regardless of what you do, where you come from or how much money you make, every type of energetic distortion will continue to directly impact your life until it is replaced with a new Energetic Blueprint.

The good news is that there is nothing that you can’t create.  However if you want it to create it on the outside of you, you’ll have to first create it on the inside.  This means that there is always a way out, but not around.  The great news is that creating your new Chakra Blueprints won’t take a lot of time, or cost you an enormous amount of money.  You’ll be making the investment of a lifetime, and one that will pay off in exactly the way you want.

I’m living my passion and purpose helping people to consciously create the life they truly want.  Start living yours.  Discover more here.

In Love and Gratitude,

Rebecca Cherry

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