Now is the Perfect Moment Rebecca Cherry
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Now is the perfect moment to make the shift from fear to focused attention...

and begin to live from your heart and in harmony with nature.

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Nature will soothe your soul.

Ripple in the sea

...everything you do and say impacts this grand field of energy..

like a ripple in the sea.

(from Follow Your Heart, It's Smarter Than You Think)

Who IS the Divine Feminine Spirit

Who IS the Divine Feminine Spirit?

She resides within your heart and she is waking you now.

and it is time for you to remember...

Who you truly are. Why you are here now. And what you are to do next.

Your Energetic Immune System

If you have been wanting to create a new lifestyle, launch a new business, get healthy or finally find your true love – remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  There are practical steps and energetic adjustments required to pull everything that is YOU into harmonious alignment, and just like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, creating your new life will also emerge in the perfect way and at the perfect moment.

The key to creating a life filled with passion and purpose is maintaining a healthy Energetic Immune System™.  Discover all of the great tools and resources here to guide you through the steps to reclaiming your innate and limitless creative power.

If you want to accelerate your newly fulfilling life, register for my Follow Your Heart Retreat in Tuscany this September 2015.  We’ll be creating our new Heart-Centered Blueprints™ for living a life full of passion and purpose in beautiful Tuscany!

In love & Gratitude,

Rebecca Cherry