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BREAKING NEWS:  Saturn has left the building

BREAKING NEWS: Saturn has left the building

Depending on what house Pisces rules in your birth chart will tell you where Saturn is bringing this opportunity for building something of lasting value to.

The good news is, if you did your homework during the past few years with our collective time-out, you should be in prime condition, priorities straight and ready and raring to go by now.

So, line up your new (or re-imagined) creative projects - or any type of business for that matter - and start your building process in a new and improved way. You'll definitely want to be ready as remember...Pluto is moving into Aquarius on March 23rd!

Astrology: Timing is Everything in Life

Astrology: Timing is Everything in Life

The greatest benefit of learning the Universal language of Astrology is to understand how to make the most of the major planetary cycles or "themes" from a macro view. Being able to step back and see the big picture, is not always easy - or simple these days, however, when you can be more objective, it becomes a whole lot easier.

Like seeing the forrest through the trees, knowing what the big picture is showing you, will actually help you to plan accordingly, while also taking advantage of the personal (micro) cycles so you know when to get your umbrella out - or take a personal day off of work.

It's GO Time!

It's GO Time!

While we are putting the finishing touches on our ready-to-launch passions, we have more opportunities that are about to open up to us. Beginning on January 23rd and all the way through to April 20, 2023, we will have a very rare and exceptional THREE MONTHS of all of the planets moving forward. We’ll have no excuses to make about planetary pauses and retrogrades holding us back. So, make the most of it, get those ducks lined up and get going.