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Akashic Readings

Akashic Record Readings offers you the unique insight and guidance that will provide the answers and clarity for every area of your life.  The wisdom that will be revealed directly from your own personal Akashic Records is unlike any other type of reading you’ve ever had.

Are you going through some life challenges and would like to get some clarity and guidance?  No matter what things look like now, there is a wonderful way to access your Soul’s agenda for the immediate life challenges as well as long term plans.

Akashic Readings are one of the best ways to get the clarity you need.


Because this information comes from the highest and most pure and direct-from-your-Soul-wisdom that can be accessed.

Receiving an Akashic reading is also unlike any intuitive, psychic, astrological or tarot card reading you’ve ever had.


Because the information flows directly from your own personal Akashic Records directly to me and I transcribe it immediately.  There are no symbols, images, aspects or disconnected snippets that need to be interpreted through the reader or by you.

If you have a question or questions about any type of life challenge or issue, your Akashic Records will provide the divine guidance, clarity and answers.

Schedule your Akashic reading here and get a clear view of what’s on your horizon.

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