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Akashic Records Reading for Practical Living

An Akashic Records Reading offers you the most pure resource for practical and spiritual guidance that a person can access today.


Gain Clarity and direction in your life.

A personal Akashic Reading will answer your questions, providing you with the spiritual guidance you seek for practical application in your life. Are you searching for real purpose in your life or facing one of life’s curve balls?

If so, an Akashic Records Reading will clear the fog and confusion, and pave the way for you to move towards your true purpose in life with ease and grace.

Regain your balance and serenity in challenging times.

As we move through this time of great chaos and change at every level of life, many people are seeking guidance and counseling to help them steer through some of life’s biggest challenges.

Don’t despair as there is calm despite the chaos that surrounds you. 

Your Akashic Records will reveal the details and depth of information in the most personal way, leaving you with a clear understanding of what you are to do next. Regain a sense of balance and serenity in your life.

How I read your Akashic Records

I work differently than most when it comes to reading your Akashic Records.  It takes me at least 45 minutes to enter into a deep meditative state before I begin to request entering your Akashic Records.  Once I gain entrance I present your questions to the Akasha.

As the response comes through I automatically transcribe the information from the Akasha for you.  Similar to automatic writing, there is little gap between hearing and seeing the information and typing it on my laptop.

While different from how most Akashic readers work, transmitting your Akashic Records in this way allows me to maintain a full and deep connection to the Akashic Records without distraction or disturbance.  I have found that this works best for me in bringing the purest information, guidance and wisdom from your Akashic Records to you.

I will then email you a full transcription of your Akashic Records Reading.  If you need any further clarification I am able to read the vibratory essence of the Akasha and clarify for you.

What to do next?

  1. The best approach for your Akashic Records Reading is to email me with no more than three questions.  Ideally, you’ll want to keep mundane questions off the list and only inquire about the more important stuff of life.
  2. Include your full name given at birth.  This is the information I need to gain access to your personal Akashic Records.  You can use the contact form here or email me at: rcherry@rebecca-cherry.com.
  3. Generally speaking, refrain from asking yes or no answer questions.
  4. Go to the Akashic Records Reading product page, click on the buy button and pay for your Akashic Record Reading.
  5. You will receive a payment confirmation from me.
  6. I will email you with a scheduled reading date for your Akashic Records Reading.  You do not need to be available as I will email you the transcribed reading via email.  This just lets you know when you can expect your Akashic Records Reading from me.

It’s a pleasure to be of service to you.

The Akashic Records are available to us all after eons of being kept inaccessible except to only the highest initiates.  However as we are on the brink of humanity’s evolutionary leap, they have been opened up to provide important guidance and wisdom to us all at this time.

It is a great honor for me to be able to gain access to the great wisdom of the Akashic Records.  I am also grateful to be able to offer you a personal Akashic Records Reading.  It carries with it great responsibility of being able to help others during this great time of transformation.

I am happy to be of service to you and humanity in any way that I am capable of.  As each of us opens to the sparks of light within, we grown one bright soul closer to our great leap into a new and more loving world for all of us – one person at a time.

Schedule an Akashic Records Reading with me today and get the most accurate, detailed and important spiritually-guided reading of your lifetime!