Beauty Soothes the SoulIn today’s fast-paced world of non-stop information, it’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses.  Literally.  Smelling nature’s smells can take us back to beautiful memories or inspire us to spend more time doing the little things that can add so much to our lives.

Sitting in nature will do even more for soothing a weary Soul and restoring a hopeful vision in your life.  Taking a few minutes away from our phones and TVs can calm the rampage of chaos and confusion currently being thrown at us a warp speed.

Beauty in all it’s forms plays an important role in each of our lives.  Gazing upon a beautiful sunset or simply watching a hummingbird light on a flower for a deep draw of sustenance can restore our innate connection with Nature and remind us of how important she truly is.

Feel the nurturing comfort that the Beauty of Nature provides for you.  Envision it and take a deep breath in. It’s priceless and something we all need to make more room for in our lives. Embracing beauty in all it’s forms will take you where your Soul wants to go.

Today I’m committing to spending more time in Nature.  As a small business owner, I too get caught up in the day-to-day pressures of doing more to the point of neglecting myself.

It’s the shift we’re all in the middle of and it’s not easy or comfortable.  But with all growth and expansion come challenges.  It takes concentrated effort to step into our greater selves and rise to expand our awareness, open our hearts and reach for the stars.  It is time to take the next step, push through the perceived limitations and leap into the visions of a more love-filled world.

It starts with a conscious awareness of choosing to create and contribute to it from within.  As I envision the world I want to live in, that energy goes out into the cosmic web we are all part of.  And as I speak the words and take the actions to back up those visions, I begin adding more positive energy to the mix.  As more are touched by my energy, they too are inspired to begin envisioning the world they desire to live in.

And now their positive visions, words and actions go out into the Universe’s mixing bowl to combine with mine, and so on.  Until we reach the tipping point and the shift of living by default in a paradigm of fear driven-chaos, to consciously creating a new paradigm of life on Earth based on Love begins. For all rather than a few.

As unique individuals, this is the power we hold and the choice we each face in these times.  Why is it so chaotic ‘out there’? Because it is the time of the Divine Feminine Spirit bringing balance back to Humanity and the world.  This is not something outside of us, but within every one of us. And it requires each individual to make a conscious choice of which path they want to walk.

This is the domino effect we can create together.  Be the master of your life today and begin envisioning a beautiful new world.  It’s possible. It’s simple. And it will be easy if we make it so.  Start within and as you share what you are choosing with your family and friends, more will join in on creating a new world masterpiece, one person at a time.

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