Important to Keep in Mind - The January 30, 2019 Blog Post

There is a global phenomenon taking place.  And each one of us is in it.  Our galaxy has literally moved to a new Cosmic neighborhood.  And as such, higher frequencies are raining down upon Earth and all of her inhabitants, activating an evolutionary process of cosmic proportions.

If you are alive on Planet Earth right now, your Soul chose to be here for the most exciting and exhilarating ride of a lifetime.  You knew that this time was a time not to be missed.  This time is when each one of us has the very special opportunity to break free from the constraints of humanity's past and experience the collective quiet revolution of the heart.

If you are one who is captivated by the current state of affairs, rest assured there is peace and serenity waiting for you within.  The past paradigm of rule through fear, control, competition and limitation is in the death throws of collapse.  The wrongs, misdeeds and distortions of love through fear are all signs that the quiet revolution of the heart is in full swing.

If you are one who is waiting for life to return to normal, you'll be waiting for eternity.  All life is in a constant state of growth and expansion.  You are here to experience, express and expand into the ever-evolving, higher frequency-seeking spiritual being of great intelligence, beauty and love that you innately are.

Your Soul's deepest desire is for you to pay attention, listen closely and choose wisely along the path of your life's journey.  Your challenges, struggles and discomfort are designed to teach you how to hone your creative skills at living your life well.

The key to expansion is by living in the moment rather than in the past.  With every life lesson, there comes a point of reflection where great wisdom resides.  Taking the time to pause, look within, review and have the opportunity to gain new perspectives on where you are and where your Soul wants to go is the ideal. 

All experience is designed with wisdom inside. Your ultimate goal is to recognize the lesson within, express the emotions and then let the rest go. 

The gift of being alive on Planet Earth at this time is as unique as it gets. We are individually unique yet collectively connected as one Humanity through our Heart's electromagnetic field.  Holographic in nature, it holds the wisdom of the Universe within.  This is the center of the Universe within where there are no limits, borders or boundaries.

Cosmic evolutionary opportunities like the one we're in only come around every 26,000 odd years or so.  Embrace it, treasure it and do your very best to live it like no other.  Because it is.

As your own Quiet Revolution of the Heart takes place, you take me with you.  Its the how, the why and where Humanity's evolution is happening.  One person at a time, within, without and with the world around you.

If you want to join this movement, meditate every day.  Your own evolutionary process will pick up speed and exponentially affect our collective progress.

And with each conscious choice made to join the Quiet Revolution of the Heart movement, hearts open, compassion grows, borders disappear and differences delete from the awareness that our feet all stand on the same green Earth. Love ensues and becomes a lifestyle of the new paradigm we're creating from the inside out.

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