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I love this time that we’re all living in.

It’s challenging and exhilarating at the same time. The best part for me is the big picture, because I know that within this time of great chaos, there is light at the end of the tunnel we’re currently moving through.

Much like the birth of a new baby, many if not most of us are facing some kind of life challenge.  But like all new life, there is effort and energy along with some labor pains we must go through in order to birth that new life into the world.

Your world and mine, needs some new life. Wouldn’t you agree?  Maybe a new way of governing would make a difference for the greater good, and for the many rather than the few.

Maybe a new way of utilizing our natural resources would also be in good order, with the goal of saving our beautiful planet before it’s too late.  I don’t think this is stating something outside the realm of real possibilities at this juncture, but merely stating the obvious to anyone who paying the slightest bit of attention.

Maybe a new way of sharing and supporting each other with something that we have an abundance of  that they might need.  Call it an exchange program of sorts.  It’s so logical to me that it’s astounding that it’s not a way of life yet everywhere.

Maybe getting back to basics and connecting with others of like-minded ilk, rather than reducing our interactions with each other to tweets, images and 10 second disappearing acts.

Maybe getting back to Nature and appreciating all that this beautiful planet of ours offers up to us in every way, shape and manner in an abundantly diverse and most tasty of sustenance that should we merely partake, our health and vitality would abound and health insurance not be the issue it is today. And, not the least of which the magnificent beauty she bestows upon us merely with her presence.

Maybe honoring the Divine Feminine Spirit within each and every one of us, rather than reducing the physical beauty of the feminine to a dance pole skill, the emotional scope to that of worshiping celebrity status, and the spiritual grace to an unrecognized gift.

Maybe it will take more years of struggle, strife, and labor pains before we can get it right.  But, one thing is for sure; the Divine Feminine Spirit is re-emerging right now and right here, in each and every one of us.

She asks so little, yet it is clearly presenting such a great challenge for so many, that there is more discord, disharmony, and disgrace than we’ve collectively witnessed before in our modern age.

What does the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine Spirit want?  The most simple and basic tenets of living life well.  More harmony with each other and Nature.  More grace with each other and Nature.  More love between everyone, and certainly a more loving relationship with our Mother Earth.  For without her, we cannot live well, much less live at all.

How is the Divine Feminine Spirit re-emerging in your life?

The Birthing Process is upon us.  We are all in labor, and probably wondering if the baby’s going to make it.

I am a passionate and creative individual with a great desire to help others. At this moment, humanity along with our beautiful planet are experiencing some back-wrenching labor pains as we move through this amazing, yet challenging process of birthing a new paradigm of life.  Humanity is at a crossroads, and as many continue to look to the outer world for the answers, one by one, they will find their way.  But not by looking to what lies outside of them, but what lay within their own hearts.

When someone comes to me for an Akashic Reading, or Gem Therapy recommendation, their search to rediscover the innate wisdom within will be reflected back to them by virtue of asking the question, or searching for answers.  I have great compassion for my sisters and brothers, regardless of their place in the world or the path they’ve chosen to walk upon. This time that we are in now is challenging EVERYONE to release the distortions of the patriarchal control paradigm that we are being asked to let go of now.

Birthing a new world, and a new Humanity is a daunting endeavor, but through working together, supporting each other and having compassion for the individual challenges we face, is in actuality, the birthing process of the new paradigm we’ve been waiting for, and it’s happening one person at a time.

Right now, we’re in heavy labor, and it’s uncomfortable, difficult, challenging and yes, sometimes painful.  However, if we can keep our eye on the ball, and not be distracted by ‘old world distortions’ as they fall away, we will, together birth the new world in which we are collectively creating now.

So the next time you want to focus on all of the chaos and negativity ‘out there’, instead close your eyes and envision the world that you want most to see birthed inside of you.  This is how we will create a new and better world for everyone.  Then remember what you already know in your Heart to be true; that all things are possible, it is simply up to us to create it now.