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I didn’t write about the Blue Moon of about ten days ago, but it didn’t go unnoticed either.  Full Moons always bring some kind of illumination, or a new level of awareness – you’ll see something in your life in a new light.

It’s also a great time to complete something, whether an ending of your choosing or not.  The page will turn, and you will need to recognize the gift – regardless of how it shows up.

For me, the Blue Moon brought something to my attention; and it was that I needed to stop all the ‘doing’ and re-connect to what I was wanting to create and achieve.

There was a ‘missing link’ between the non-stop work and the mind-numbing minusha that goes into working and running a business ~ and the Heart of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

This was not merely a mental disconnect, but at almost every level beyond the action-taking brain functions I was immersed in.  I’d become disconnected from my passion, my desires and my creativity.  This was not a good thing.

This was my gift from the Blue Moon.  Now my Heart is open again and back in the driver’s seat. My feet are firmly planted on the ground and connected to my passionate drive and determination to create what I’m here to do, and then share it with you.  And, my words are re-engaged with the world, expressing in my own unique way.


When you try to accomplish something in life, it takes all sensibilities engaged.  The most important is to first know what you want, and that always comes from the Heart.  We are passionate beings living in a passion-filled world.

So, for those of you who need a little help getting your Hearts open and passionate again, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.


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What was your gift from the Blue Moon?  Share it on my Blog here.

Pink is my all-time favorite color.  Since I was a little girl, all the years in between and still to this day – pink is simply the IT color for me.

What’s all the fuss about Pink, you ask?  Well, maybe it’s the soothing aura that light pink feels like to me.  But, then again, I also L O V E fuschia – so it can’t be as simple as just loving the color pink.

I used to say to my friends and family; Pink Clouds! instead of wishing them luck.  I don’t recall where I got that from…but it stuck with me for years.  Now I usually just say, Love you, or sending you Lots of Love, etc.

At some point I realized, read or remembered that Pink is actually the color of Love.  And, this made all the sense in the world to me. Pink is also the frequency of the Higher Heart Chakra – which connects you to everyone, and everything in the Universe.

So, when I started designing jewelry again, it just seemed obvious that I would have to speak to the energy that the gems have on us – and it’s their unique vibratory frequency that gives them their color –  which affects us at every level.

Rose Quartz Garnet and Pink Tourmaline Bracelets

So, the next time you are staring blankly at your open closet, unsure of what you want to wear, stop and decide how you want to feel for the day.  Your gut instincts will usually give you a nudge in the right direction as to what kind of energy boost you need.

If you’re making a presentation, you might want to wear a powerful color – like red or maybe classic black…it’ll depend on what you’re talking about and your confidence level.

For me, I can probably wear pink every day and feel great.  It soothes my soul, tickles me pink and simply makes me feel good from the inside out – head to toe.

What’s your color?

Following your Heart today can present challenges.  Times are tough for a lot of people, and getting caught up in the struggle for more time, energy and money can gradually wear you down, and out.

I speak from experience, so I completely understand how hard it can be some days to get up, and get back in the game.  I’ve gotten down to my last nickle – more than once, and I’m not exaggerating – so when it comes to financial struggle, I’m an expert.

There’s always a reason why we find ourselves in the middle of struggle of any kind, and here’s what these experiences have helped me to learn over the years.

1.  Compassion.  Your heart hurts for others going through their own struggle – no matter what kind it is.  Until you experience hitting the bottom of your life, with no money, you will most likely judge others and wonder why they don’t just go get a job at McDonald’s.  The people who say this would never,  ever consider doing this themselves, but they think it’s okay for you.  Don’t ever expect others to truly want what’s best for you – as they don’t know what’s truly best for you.  Only you know that.

2.  Faith.  When you hit rock bottom, you’ll discover that there’s no way but up – and with that feeling will come a great sense of relief that the worst is over.  Now you’ve gained a renewed sense of Faith in yourself and the Universe to always provide everything that you require in life.  It may not come in the way you expect it, but it will show up, and sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

3.  Gratitude.  Loss can often be the most efficient way to learn to be more grateful in your life.  It may be heartbreaking in the process, but if you recognize the gift within, you will understand that without Gratitude, you are not truly appreciating all that you do have.  The more grateful you can be, the more your Heart will open, and new doors of opportunity will open for more Abundance to enter your life.

These are the three top benefits that I feel will not only greatly enrich your life, but better prepare you for even greater adventures in your life.  A friend of mine many years ago used to say to me that life was like a big fruit basket, and that you only needed to choose what you liked best to enjoy it.  At the time, I thought he was self-centered and a spoiled rich guy.  Now I see that he was right; as who’s to say we have to struggle in life, except ourselves?

From the iCreate Bracelet Collection: Square Prehnite, Pearls with Green and Pink Tourmaline

You will continue to stay in the struggle for as long as you continue focusing on the lack in your life.  This is something that I’ve done, to the point of perfection.  It truly comes down to one person, and one person alone.  Either you’re going to take 100% responsibility for the state of your lack, or the flow of Abundance in your life, either way it will simply come down to you.  The challenge is actually a simple one.  You just have to turn your head around and see the vast Abundance that surrounds you.  And then, open your Heart to receive it with the things you’ve already learned;

1.  Give yourself a break, and have some Compassion – for yourself this time.  Sometimes we’re harder on ourselves than anyone else.

2.  Get the Faith flowing again.  No one knows better than you how to rise from the ashes and show ’em what you got.  There’s only one way to go, and that’s UP.  So, go get ’em.

3.  Get into the Gratitude and close your eyes with a great sense of relief and with a deep exhale say with the immense sense of Gratitude pouring out from your Heart; “Thank you, thank you, thank you”.  The Universe will respond with the same frequency of energy in the form of renewed Abundance flowing back into your life.

From the iCreate Bracelet Collection to support your Heart Chakra

And, one more great way to support creating more Abundance in your life is to energize, balance and support your Heart Chakra by wearing any green gemstone.  Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Jade and Prehnite are just a few of my favorites.

As when your Heart Chakra is open, it is open to receiving all of the Abundance in the world, and in every area of your life.