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In today’s fast-paced world of non-stop information, it’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses.  Literally.  Smelling nature’s smells can take us back to beautiful memories or inspire us to spend more time doing the little things that can add so much to our lives.

Sitting in nature will do even more for soothing a weary Soul and restoring a hopeful vision in your life.  Taking a few minutes away from our phones and TVs can calm the rampage of chaos and confusion currently being thrown at us a warp speed.

Beauty in all it’s forms plays an important role in each of our lives.  Gazing upon a beautiful sunset or simply watching a hummingbird light on a flower for a deep draw of sustenance can restore our innate connection with Nature and remind us of how important she truly is.

Feel the nurturing comfort that the Beauty of Nature provides for you.  Envision it and take a deep breath in. It’s priceless and something we all need to make more room for in our lives. Embracing beauty in all it’s forms will take you where your Soul wants to go.

Today I’m committing to spending more time in Nature.  As a small business owner, I too get caught up in the day-to-day pressures of doing more to the point of neglecting myself.

It’s the shift we’re all in the middle of and it’s not easy or comfortable.  But with all growth and expansion come challenges.  It takes concentrated effort to step into our greater selves and rise to expand our awareness, open our hearts and reach for the stars.  It is time to take the next step, push through the perceived limitations and leap into the visions of a more love-filled world.

It starts with a conscious awareness of choosing to create and contribute to it from within.  As I envision the world I want to live in, that energy goes out into the cosmic web we are all part of.  And as I speak the words and take the actions to back up those visions, I begin adding more positive energy to the mix.  As more are touched by my energy, they too are inspired to begin envisioning the world they desire to live in.

And now their positive visions, words and actions go out into the Universe’s mixing bowl to combine with mine, and so on.  Until we reach the tipping point and the shift of living by default in a paradigm of fear driven-chaos, to consciously creating a new paradigm of life on Earth based on Love begins. For all rather than a few.

As unique individuals, this is the power we hold and the choice we each face in these times.  Why is it so chaotic ‘out there’? Because it is the time of the Divine Feminine Spirit bringing balance back to Humanity and the world.  This is not something outside of us, but within every one of us. And it requires each individual to make a conscious choice of which path they want to walk.

This is the domino effect we can create together.  Be the master of your life today and begin envisioning a beautiful new world.  It’s possible. It’s simple. And it will be easy if we make it so.  Start within and as you share what you are choosing with your family and friends, more will join in on creating a new world masterpiece, one person at a time.

I love this time that we’re all living in.

It’s challenging and exhilarating at the same time. The best part for me is the big picture, because I know that within this time of great chaos, there is light at the end of the tunnel we’re currently moving through.

Much like the birth of a new baby, many if not most of us are facing some kind of life challenge.  But like all new life, there is effort and energy along with some labor pains we must go through in order to birth that new life into the world.

Your world and mine, needs some new life. Wouldn’t you agree?  Maybe a new way of governing would make a difference for the greater good, and for the many rather than the few.

Maybe a new way of utilizing our natural resources would also be in good order, with the goal of saving our beautiful planet before it’s too late.  I don’t think this is stating something outside the realm of real possibilities at this juncture, but merely stating the obvious to anyone who paying the slightest bit of attention.

Maybe a new way of sharing and supporting each other with something that we have an abundance of  that they might need.  Call it an exchange program of sorts.  It’s so logical to me that it’s astounding that it’s not a way of life yet everywhere.

Maybe getting back to basics and connecting with others of like-minded ilk, rather than reducing our interactions with each other to tweets, images and 10 second disappearing acts.

Maybe getting back to Nature and appreciating all that this beautiful planet of ours offers up to us in every way, shape and manner in an abundantly diverse and most tasty of sustenance that should we merely partake, our health and vitality would abound and health insurance not be the issue it is today. And, not the least of which the magnificent beauty she bestows upon us merely with her presence.

Maybe honoring the Divine Feminine Spirit within each and every one of us, rather than reducing the physical beauty of the feminine to a dance pole skill, the emotional scope to that of worshiping celebrity status, and the spiritual grace to an unrecognized gift.

Maybe it will take more years of struggle, strife, and labor pains before we can get it right.  But, one thing is for sure; the Divine Feminine Spirit is re-emerging right now and right here, in each and every one of us.

She asks so little, yet it is clearly presenting such a great challenge for so many, that there is more discord, disharmony, and disgrace than we’ve collectively witnessed before in our modern age.

What does the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine Spirit want?  The most simple and basic tenets of living life well.  More harmony with each other and Nature.  More grace with each other and Nature.  More love between everyone, and certainly a more loving relationship with our Mother Earth.  For without her, we cannot live well, much less live at all.

How is the Divine Feminine Spirit re-emerging in your life?

Tuscan fields of Sunflowers

Nature’s perfect example can be found everywhere, however my all time favorite is the Sunflower.

There is a growing awakening to the great deception of the control paradigm’s agenda, and some people are now calling for a non-compliance rebellion.  It’s a start in the right direction, however they are still employing resistance tactics in their messaging, which will only get push-back from the perceived opposition.

But, there is only opposition if we view it that way.  Therefore, I’d like to propose a resistance-less option of  what I like to call the ‘quiet revolution of the heart’, which I wrote about in my book; Follow Your Heart, It’s Smarter than You Think.

There are some great ideas expressed by individuals around the globe, with some wonderful solutions being discovered to our biggest problems we are facing.  For those who are still somewhat confused about what they can do as individuals, it is simple; get together with like-minded people to create new communities based on sustainable and harmonious living, from the ground up.  Just follow the Sunflower’s shining example.

The Sunflower’s harmonious community of individual blossoms

If you’re not familiar with the Sunflower’s true nature, continue reading to see what Wikipedia has this to say it:

What is usually called the “flower” on a mature sunflower is actually a “flower head” (also known as a “composite flower”) of numerous florets or small flowers, crowded together. The outer petal-bearing florets (ray florets) are sterile and can be yellow, red, orange, or other colors. The florets inside the circular head are called disc florets, which mature into seeds. The flower petals within the sunflower’s cluster are always in a spiral pattern. Generally, each floret is oriented toward the next by approximately the golden angle, 137.5°, producing a pattern of interconnecting spirals, where the number of left spirals and the number of right spirals are successive Fibonacci numbers. Typically, there are 34 spirals in one direction and 55 in the other; on a very large sunflower there could be 89 in one direction and 144 in the other.[5][6][7] This pattern produces the most efficient packing of seeds within the flower head.[8][9][10]

This is exactly, and all about the power of one person at a time, but supported by each other.  If we follow nature’s perfect example of the Sunflower, we can’t go wrong: many individuals living in harmony together.

Let’s make it a great day…together.

A Hummingbird Bee in Firenze

Yesterday, we walked into the center of Firenze, and stopped in the shade for a moment’s respite from the hot midday sun.  The throngs of tourists have descended and taken over Piazza del Duomo, with lines wrapping around Brunelleschi’s architectural masterpiece.

A bee caught my eye, and to my amazement, it was not your everyday bee, but a Hummingbird Bee.  I’ve only seen these at my friend Mary’s house in CT before…but never in Italy, much less buzzing around del Duomo.

Nature has its own way with or without us.  I particularly love the way it shows up in the most unexpected ways and I always pay close attention to it.  Usually, it is a sign for me to make some adjustment in attitude or something that I must pay particular attention to in my life.

Pay close attention when Nature comes knocking on your door, as there’s always a message to be recognized.  If nothing else, always stop and appreciate the beauty of Nature around you, even when it shows up unexpectedly.


Spring has finally sprung here in the northeast, and with a great sigh of relief, everyone here is happy (actually, nearly ecstatic) that winter is finally over!

It’s been a long cold winter, and unusually quiet in this neighborhood tucked away on a little windy road that looks like the typical road you find in the small villages in the Italian countryside.  Barely wide enough for two cars to pass, with large boulders and trees sitting at the very cusp of the pavement. The road is so narrow and hilly, you need to pull over in order for the other car to pass at some parts along the way.

Another unusual aspect to being here, rather than in Italy, is that there was barely a peep all winter long coming from any birds or creatures.  It was strange for me not to be woken up in the early morning hours by the little tweets I’d come to love and appreciate.  Well, finally I can hear the birds chirping here, which comes as another great sign that Spring has officially arrived.

While most people might not stop to notice some of the little changes taking place this spring, for me these are signs of greater change taking place all around and within each one of us.

With my birthday approaching in less than a week, Spring holds within it the greatest inspiration of new beginnings for me.  And, this year I find the same motivation and inspiring energy sprouting up all around me.

March on the other hand, held the same dark, chilly energy as I typically experience, and this year with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars….all slogging there way through Pisces for nearly a month, I felt the as if I was under water trying to make my way with little success, despite my great efforts.

All of that has shifted now as we have the same 4 planets PLUS Uranus now in Aries, so the energy has increased exponentially, and as an Aries, I’m on FIRE – in the best of ways.  We’re also getting a great Spring New Moon this week on the 10th, so for all of you entrepreneurs out there (like me) make the most of this power-packed energy to launch your new projects over the next two weeks.

Like Nature, sometimes we have to follow our own cycle of life, and take the time during the cold winter months to rest, reflect and reinvent ourselves so that we are ready to spring forth, like the crocus that have sprouted up all around us.

I’m in tune with this natural cycle that Mother Nature has designed for us all, and wouldn’t change a thing.

With a view to this magnificence, it’s easy to see the beauty of nature that surrounds us.  However, sometimes we get caught up in our daily life, and forget to stop and appreciate the immense beauty of Nature – that is always there.  Spending more time in and around Nature, breathing in the beauty and fresh air can be a revitalizing and soothing experience, helping to relieve the stress of today’s busy lifestyle.

No matter what is happening in your life today, take a little time out and spend it around some natural beauty.  Mother Earth provides all and more that we need to not only survive, but thrive in our lives.  We’ve just forgotten how to do that, but now is the time that we are all remembering.  So, before today is gone forever, take five minutes and soak up some sunshine on your skin, breath in some fresh air, or go sit under a tree and have a conversation with yourself.  What do you really want your life to look like?  Now, go and consciously create it – as there’s no greater way to create the life that you are destined to live, than to start with knowing what you want.