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Jade, Pink Tourmaline & Songea Sapphire Passementerie Statement Necklace

It was an absolutely perfect day today in bella Firenze.  Clear blue skies with a light breeze and temps that were perfect whether in the sun or shade.

My friend Sarah has finally arrived and today, being the beautiful day that it was, we walked over to a nearby park for our first photo shoot!

Not only is Sarah beautiful, but she was the perfect model for my latest designs.  She made the process easy, not tedious, as photo shoots too often are. I’m thrilled with the results, and will be adding the new products and photos to the site next week.




I love the TERRAcharmed gem charms on the new gold link bracelets – what do you think?

Vintage Gold Chain Gem Bracelets

I will be expanding all of the collections to include gold-toned Italian sterling silver, and maybe some collections in Italian 18kt if the demand is there.

Stay tuned and see if there isn’t something beautiful that you love.  I hope so.  Until then, be well and be happy – life is now and the moment is ours to choose how we want to experience it.


Prehnite Green Tourmaline Bracelet

The Heart Chakra is supported by all natural Green gems.  The reason it is so important to energize, balance and support your Heart Chakra is because when you are in balance from the Heart Chakra, you will not only improve your sense of peace and serenity, but also improve your Health and ability to create Wealth in your life.  Wear a green gem especially when you are feeling stressed and worried – it will help bring you back to center, and get you back into your innate state of living from the Heart.

Prehnite with Pink Tourmaline Bracelet

Adding a little Pink Tourmaline will add a boost of passion and grounding to Mother Earth to the Heart Chakra support you’ll receive from the Prehnite.  You can choose this same design on any enameled copper cord of your choice: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, or black.

Are You Connected?

Did you know that your heart emits an electromagnetic field that is 5,000 times stronger than the brain?  And, that this energetic field can be read from several feet away ~ without the need to place electrodes on the body?

Did you also know that more than half of your heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system?

Your Heart also emits an energetic field in the shape of a torus field.  And this torus field of energy, is not only holographic in nature, but is what connects you to everything, and everyone. 

Your Heart’s torus field also connects you directly to the torus field of energy that is also emitted by our planet Earth.  It too is a holographic field of energy, which means that all of the information held within it can be read from any single point within the torus field.

One of the leading research institutes studying this newly emerging science states:  “Heart intuition or intelligence brings the freedom and power to accomplish what the mind, even with all the disciplines or affirmations in the world, cannot do if it’s out of sync with the heart.”  Institute of HeartMath.

While this newly emerging science is fascinating, what does it really mean to each one of us? It’s actually quite simple when you understand that the ‘YOU’ ~ as the perceived physical person that you think are, is really a system of energy made up of different levels expressed through your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies.  Each of these ‘energetic levels of expressions’ are channeled through your seven main Chakra Centers.

Each Chakra opens, closes and ebbs in it’s ability to funnel the flow of energy you take in and express in each area of your life.  Ideally, it’s best to have each Chakra center open, balanced and energized for you to be able to live and express your life to it’s greatest potential.  Your Heart Chakra is the balance point of your Chakra System, and where your greatest wisdom lies.

Your Heart Chakra is also where you can restore balance, regain your center and maintain your equilibrium. When you connect with something of great beauty and feel it’s magnificence, and that you are a part of that magnificence ~ you are connecting through your Heart Chakra.  This is the Chakra you want to focus on now for your balance, and for your peace and serenity. 

Everyone is being reminded through either personal challenges, or a major life crisis, that our Hearts are actually our safe harbors, and where the still waters will keep us safe, despite the raging storms outside.

An easy way to connect to your Heart Chakra is by wearing a green gem; such as Peridot, Prehnite, Green Tourmaline or Jade. And, when you do, you will be energetically connecting through your Heart’s torus field to Mother Earth’s torus field, as each gem is a little piece of her.  And now you can access the wisdom within, should you stop long enough and listen.

Heart Chakra Bracelets

These are the soothing whispers of Earth’s wisdom, saying to you; “Slow down. Take a deep breath and exhale with a great sense of relief.  Now feel my loving embrace. I am with you always. Know that you are never alone and that the answers you seek are also within your own heart”.

This is what connecting to your Heart, Nature and Mother Earth is about.  And it is why energizing and supporting your Heart Chakra is so very important in these challenging times in which we have all found ourselves.

Click here for more information about connecting through your heart.

New Spring/Summer 2013 Chakra Jewelry Collections

The new iCreate Chakra Gem Bracelets Collection

I am truly excited to share my New Spring/Summer Chakra Jewelry Collections with you.  You’ll find some beautiful new designs in a wide selection of fashionable styles.  I’ve also put a lot of thought and careful selection in using the perfect gem combinations to energize, balance and optimize each of your Chakra Centers in order to support every area of your life.

Life can be a little chaotic these days, so wearing one or more of these energetically-supportive bracelets can do wonders to help smooth the way.  It’s really simple; you just choose the color gem that corresponds to each Chakra and then wear it to give you a boost of energy where you need it, or to access some creative, intuitive or manifesting support as well.  You can discover all that you need to know about your Chakra Centers and their corresponding gems here.

The new Monkey Pile Ring Collection


I really enjoyed creating the new and expansive iCreate collection that you’ll see on my new website here.  Or just go to the Shop and click on ‘iCreate Collection’.

I’ve designed countless new bracelets, earrings and some really fun stackable rings.  They’re an elegant and sophisticated look with the exclusive Italian bracelets and bands I’ve used.  And, if you are anything like me, I have days when I want a more casual look, so I’ve also designed my new Monkey Pile ring and bracelet collection.  You still get the same beautiful and energetically-supportive gems, which are always personally selected by me, but now they’re on a black enameled copper band ~ making them casual, yet uniquely striking in their own captivating way.

Check out the new DiY Gem Charms, with a great selection of new Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces.

With my entirely New Spring/Summer Chakra Jewelry Collections, I’ve also designed the New terraCharmed Chakra Jewelry Collection.

The new terraCharmed collection also offers you a wide selection of truly special and unique bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Each terraCharmed Gem Charm is hand made in Florence using all natural gems and exclusively Italian .925 Sterling Silver accents, charm bails and custom made materials from Italy.

I think you will have fun with the great selection of interchangeable Gem Charms I’ve designed.   You can add as many gem charms as you like, or mix and match with a wide selection of unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces designs. And all according to your personal style, mood and daily Chakra needs.

Consider the terraCharmed Collection as your personal Design it Your Way jewelry collection. Take a look and get started today or choose something as a gift for that someone special in your life ~ you’ll find something for every energetic need and occasion here with the latest Gem Charms.

I hope that you’ll feel the same way as I do about my New Spring/Summer Chakra Jewelry Collections, and maybe find something special just for you, or someone you love.

Stay tuned as I’m constantly designing and thinking of new ways to support you in your life with the beautiful and energetic supportive gems from Mother Earth ~ all expertly hand made in Italy ~ and just for you.

Make it a wonderful day,