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Things just got a little more interesting.  While many people woke up yesterday dazed and confused, I’m seeing things from a different point of view.

We’re in a majestic time of unfathomable transformation.  So the key is to not expect anything normal to continue, but to expect the unexpected.

We’re four years into the new cycle of time but things are really just getting started.  With all transformation comes upheaval.  And before any real progress can be made, the out-of-balance aspects of an established paradigm must come to light.  And the world is seeing much of what no longer works in the most glaring of ways.

In America, the people voted this week but didn’t get who they voted for.  Because of an old outworn system we call the Electoral College, we the people do not actually elect our new Presidents.  And now as a result people are protesting that they don’t want what the system is giving them.

This election cycle has brought many things to light that previously lay hidden behind a veiled curtain.  People of all ages, races, religions are in agreement – some things around here have to change.

Expect more of the shadow side come to light as we continue to question the what-is in every sector of our lives.  But expect it with excitement in your heart rather than fear knowing that the breakdown of the and old and outworn paradigm of life is in the process of change.  And it will change from a rigged game against the people of the world to one based on Love rather than Fear.  Compassion rather than disdain and Abundance rather than unfettered greed. For all, rather than a few.

Wake up each day and choose happiness over anxiety. Feel your feet on the ground with an open and grateful heart. And as you do, you’ll be bringing us one bright soul closer to a better and brighter world.


Happy New Year. Hitting the reset button of our lives.

It’s once again (almost) a new year. And as we look back at what 2013 held for us, whether great, good, okay or maybe one of your worst ever, it’s coming to a close.

The key is to keep it all in perspective, and not cry over the spilled milk.

With the turning of our clocks and calendars, each January 1st, we essentially get the chance to hit the reset buttons of our lives.  It’s a new year, and a new energy we get to work with.  And hopefully, along with the lessons learned along the way, we’ll move into a bright and happy new year.

I’m not a fan of setting New Year’s resolutions, however I am a big fan of making adjustments in my life when required.  Whether big or small changes are necessary, I think that life is an adventure.  Sometimes it’s great fun, sometimes a bit scary, sometimes exhilarating, and sometimes it will just bust your balls.

But, like all experiences in life, there seems to always be a gift inside.  So, I have found in my own life to ride the roller coaster of life with great sense of anticipation, sometimes holding on tight for my life, but always with a deep sigh of relief when my stomach falls back into place.

I always look forward to each New Year with this same sense of anticipation.  Wondering what new adventures life will bring my way and always hoping for the best in my ability to create something special along the way while I love and am loved by the people in my life.

While I’m excited about hitting my 2014 reset button, I’m also seeing the new opportunities that I am envisioning for a brighter and happier year than 2013 proved out for me.  But then, what would life be like if you didn’t have some drops and dips along the way?

How are you hitting your reset button?

Gem therapy jewelry is a beautiful reminder for you to take a deep breath and remember to stop to appreciate all that Mother Nature offers us with her immense beauty, abundance, soothing sounds and magnificent sights.

No matter what is happening in your life today, take a little time out and spend it around some natural beauty.  Mother Earth provides all and more that we need to not only survive, but to thrive in our lives.  We’ve just forgotten how to do that, but now is the time that we are all remembering.

So, before today is gone forever, take five minutes and soak up some sunshine on your skin, breath in some fresh air, or go sit under a tree and have a conversation with yourself.  What do you really want your life to look like? Wear the entire iCreate gem therapy bracelet collection and learn the simple and easy steps to consciously create it – as there’s no greater way to create the life that you are destined to live, than to start with knowing what you want.