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The new jewelry is up with the new headline:  Life is Beautiful, wear it well.

Maybe you don’t feel that life is so beautiful these days, but this is simply a matter of perspective.  Which is a good thing, because perspective can always be adjusted.  You just have to turn your head the slightest bit, and you’ll see things from an entirely new view.

Hopefully, the pile of manure you were so focused on a minute ago, is no longer visible now that you’re looking in a new direction.  Sound too simple?  It’s not when you recognize that you are in total charge of how you see things in your life.  We always have this option to hit the reset button.  Or maybe you want to press delete.  That one’s up to you, but either way it’s always your choice.

When you realize that all of the power you require sits squarely in your lap, things will begin to move and shift in ways that you would have previously categorized to the miracle department.  But this is just because you weren’t seeing the possibilities while you were feeling sorry for yourself, whining or bemoaning the problems of the world.

When you take your life back, you’ll find that there can no longer be excuses, whining, or blaming something or someone else for your problems.  We all have challenges in our lives, but it’s simply up to us to figure out how to solve the current puzzle.

So, while we’re all putting the pieces of our lives in place, one moment at a time, seeing life for what it truly is can make it a lot more fun along the way.  Life is one big, fun, exciting and sometimes exhilarating joyful ride.  Why not choose to see the beauty in it?

It’s your life, wear it well.

My book ‘Follow Your Heart, It’s Smarter Than You Think‘ is not what most people would describe as conventional.  As most people today still believe that true intelligence is ruled by the brain and determined by your IQ score.  However, what they don’t know is the newly emerging science showing us that that’s an outdated premise.

How can that be, you ask?  Well, read the research for yourself and draw your own conclusions when you discover why it’s smarter to follow your heart than your brain.

Follow Your Heart, It’s Smarter Than You Think isn’t just about the new scientific research of how amazing our hearts truly are.  I also discuss why this is the most important time in humanity’s evolutionary history, what’s actually causing it, and what it truly means to each one of us.

I also explain why our world seems to be literally falling apart at the seams.  It’s not global warming, or the evil-doers on the planet who are running the energy, pharmaceutical, banking or weapons industries.  It’s much bigger than that, and it’s why each one of chose to be here at this time of great chaos and confusion.

And, the reason each one of us chose to be here now, is to remember who we truly are, why we are here now, and what we are to next.  Because the importance for you to remember these three very important things, is tantamount to your health, happiness and success in your life.

And, on an even bigger scale, your happiness is also tantamount to changing the world, in the way that only your incredibly unique spirit can do.  This is nothing less than how you can, and do, make a very real difference in the world for the rest of us, and we can’t do it without you expressing who you truly are.

It’s easier than you think, and I’ve spelled it out in my 9 Steps to Limitless Creation.  You’ll finally discover the missing ingredient to how to create your life the way you want it to be.  That missing ingredient that some of the most popular books and movie left out, is now available and will fill in the blank as to why you’ve failed so many times before, despite all the affirmations and positive thinking you’ve done in the past.

So, go into that amazing Heart of yours, and discover the magnificence that you truly are.  Then share it with the world.  Big or small, your energetic blueprint of who you truly are, touches us all, in ways unseen and unknown, yet is nevertheless there.

We’re waiting.

You can download a copy of my ‘Follow Your Heart, It’s Smarter Than You Think‘ book here.

And, listen my radio interview from last night with Rev. Edwige Bingue on LA Talk Radio.