AIR ELEMENT - Expand your awareness, accelerate your ability to focus and clearly envision your success, and learn why timing is everything in life.

The first step to elevating your life, is to expand your awareness. That will require an open mind to limitless possibilities and your potential is directly connected to that fundamental premise.

Therefore, any perceived limitations - whether based on your education, family, or personal beliefs will be ideally set aside while you explore new ideas and consider what adjustments you are willing to make if that is the case. Suspending preconceived obstacles is another prerequisite you’ll want to consider.

One simple way to do this, is putting yourself in your inner child’s mind and imagination. The possibilities abound when you take the inner child perspective of your life. Anything is possible and you are the creator of your world.

Take yourself there now and imagine the life you want to life. The one you dreamed of as a child, or maybe something all new and improved. It’s fun, it’s full of passion, and it comes from the very center of your Heart - where all dreams are born.

What does it look like, this new life of yours? What do you see that makes your Heart jump for joy? What are you doing? Who is there with you? Take yourself to that place where you never want to leave.

This is your Heart’s passion that is calling to you now. Answer it and say YES to you! It’s time to take the leap of faith and live your passions.

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