Elevate 2 Create | Workshops

Elevate 2 Create | Workshops

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Elevate your elemental frequencies and accelerate your ability to create more Love, Health, Wealth and Happiness when you Heal from within, without and with the world around you.

I use ground-breaking technology combined with over 40 years of science-backed energy healing techniques to help you create the life you truly desire.

How are the five elements of our world connected to your ability to create the life you want?

They are the fundamental building blocks of our world, and our lives from the inside out.

Each Element resonates at a specific frequency that you will ideally want to align and harmonize with, from the inside out, so your outside life looks like what you want it to.

When you are disconnected, distracted, stressed and scattered - whether mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually, your ability to create, attract, manifest and realize will be diminished, depleted and disabled.

Therefore, when you understand how the foundational frequencies of life function and how you, as a frequency-based being, fits and functions within it, then you have just stepped into the masterful and limitless creator of your life.

To better understand how the elemental frequencies make up and shape our world - and our lives, I want to share a little bit about myself and how each have shaped me throughout my life.

I grew up in Wisconsin where I spent my summers at our lake cottage fishing, picking wild berries and sleeping under the stars. I ran around barefoot from morning til night, rode horses and was immersed in Nature’s beauty. It was idyllic and I adored it. This is my foundational and deep connection with the Earth element experienced through Nature and Mother Earth.

When I was 15, my mother handed me a book on Reincarnation. That book blew my mind and catapulted me into the next 15 years of focused study with 3 Master Teachers from LA to New York. I began meditating at the age of 20 and focused on developing my innate intuition, energy healing and natural health. I felt a strong impetus from within to learn as much ~ and as fast as I could.

I apparently had a deadline to meet.

Well, I can say now, that deadline has arrived to share all that I have learned, practiced and integrated throughout the last four decades of my life.

Why now?

Because their is a New Renaissance approaching within a new and divinely timed cosmic cycle. Some call it the Age of Aquarius.

And you’ll want to be ready.

I’m not here to teach you, but to simply help you to remember who you truly are, why you chose to be here now - especially at this most amazing, exhilarating and somewhat roller-coaster time on Earth, and then do what you are to do next.

This is my passion and purpose, and my frequency connection to the passionate Fire Element.

It’s time.

This New Renaissance is all about You. And the choices you make now can make all the difference in how we collectively transform Humanity and our beautiful world into the higher frequency of living Love as a Lifestyle.

But first we all have to do some Spring cleaning to prepare the way for creative transformation the likes of which Humanity has never seen before. This is Water Element connection to releasing the outworn emotional debris we’ve all been carrying around for lifetimes.

These are the four Earthly Elements that are the frequency-based building blocks of our lives, our world and everything we experience around us.

And once you understand that you are a frequency-based being expressing and experiencing your life in a frequency-based world, whether expressed through a sound or light wave, then you’ll want to know how to best utilize these elemental frequencies to live your best life.

It’s actually very simple, and won’t take long to learn the five frequency elements of our world: 

  • Elevate your awareness with the Air Element Frequency
  • Remember & Reconnect to your passion-driven life purpose through the Fire Element Frequency
  • Release long-overdue and outworn emotionally-based patterns through the Water Element Frequency
  • Reconnect to your Universal Heart, Nature and our beautiful planet Earth through the Earth Element Frequency
  • Align and harmonize the four Earthly elemental frequencies from within, without and with the world around you and your elevated frequencies will combine for your greatest potential as the limitless creator you were born to be through the Ether Element.

Once you do that, you’ll have all the information you need to contribute your part to transforming your life and our world into the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, harmonious, compassionate, abundant and loving world we’ve ever experienced.

It is time to say YES to You, because YOU make all the difference.

Join me in this one-day workshop to learn, discover and remember how to design, align and harmonize with where your Soul wants you to go.

Say YES to YOU!

Space is limited so register today!

Location: Newport Coast

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00pm