Rose Quartz Buckle BraceletPink is my all-time favorite color.  Since I was a little girl, all the years in between and still to this day – pink is simply the IT color for me.

What’s all the fuss about Pink, you ask?  Well, maybe it’s the soothing aura that light pink feels like to me.  But, then again, I also L O V E fuschia – so it can’t be as simple as just loving the color pink.

I used to say to my friends and family; Pink Clouds! instead of wishing them luck.  I don’t recall where I got that from…but it stuck with me for years.  Now I usually just say, Love you, or sending you Lots of Love, etc.

At some point I realized, read or remembered that Pink is actually the color of Love.  And, this made all the sense in the world to me. Pink is also the frequency of the Higher Heart Chakra – which connects you to everyone, and everything in the Universe.

So, when I started designing jewelry again, it just seemed obvious that I would have to speak to the energy that the gems have on us – and it’s their unique vibratory frequency that gives them their color –  which affects us at every level.

Rose Quartz Garnet and Pink Tourmaline Bracelets

Rose Quartz Garnet and Pink Tourmaline Bracelets

So, the next time you are staring blankly at your open closet, unsure of what you want to wear, stop and decide how you want to feel for the day.  Your gut instincts will usually give you a nudge in the right direction as to what kind of energy boost you need.

If you’re making a presentation, you might want to wear a powerful color – like red or maybe classic black…it’ll depend on what you’re talking about and your confidence level.

For me, I can probably wear pink every day and feel great.  It soothes my soul, tickles me pink and simply makes me feel good from the inside out – head to toe.

What’s your color?

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