Our chakrasIt’s already the middle of May, and personally speaking, I can barely perceive time anymore.  I start my day at 6 am getting my son off to school, and then I work all day until my brain or my body says enough already.

While my social life suffers, I’m actually happy.  Mostly because I love what I do every day.  This is why it’s so important to live from your Heart Chakra, and express your greatest passions and dreams.

Your Heart Chakra is the center of your Chakra System, which is made up of seven main energetic centers.  Each Chakra opens, closes and ebbs in it’s ability to funnel the flow of energy you take in and express in each area of your life.

Your Chakras can become energetically clogged through unexpressed emotions, emotional resistance, stress and traumatic events. Ideally, it’s best to have each Chakra center open, balanced and energized for you to be able to live and express your life to it’s greatest potential.

This is why you are here now at this highly chaotic time on our planet.  To remember how to live your life to it’s greatest potential through the Heart Chakra.

Everyone is being reminded, gently or otherwise, through our daily personal challenges, or a major life crisis, that our Hearts are actually our safe harbors, and where the still waters will keep us safe, despite the raging storms outside.

Your Heart Chakra is where you can regain your balance and maintain your equilibrium.  It’s like the sensation you get when you walk into a lush green forest; the peaceful serenity envelopes you completely, and you can sense the powerful wisdom within it. This is the Chakra you want to focus on now for your inner guidance, and for your forest of serenity. Your Heart Chakra's forest of serenity from Rebecca Cherry

Your Heart Chakra is also the energetic chamberThe torus field to the torus field of energy that your physical Heart emits.  And it is this torus field of energy, that is not only holographic in nature, but is what connects you to everything, and everyone.

Your Heart’s torus field also connects you directly to the torus field of energy that is also emitted by our planet Earth.  It too is a holographic field of energy, which means that all of the information held within it can be read from any point within that torus field.  the torus field of Earth

So, when you wear a green gem, such as a Green Tourmaline, Jade or Peridot, you are literally connecting through your Heart’s torus field to Mother Earth’s torus field of energy, as each gem is a little piece of her.  And now the wisdom held within is available to you should you stop long enough to hear it.

This is the peaceful whispers of Nature’s wisdom in all her glory, saying to you;

“Slow down. Take a deep breath and exhale with a great sense of relief.  Now feel my loving embrace.  I will keep you safe.  I will guide you with my wisdom, should you but stop long enough to listen closely.  I am here with you always. Know that you are never alone and that the answers you seek are within your own heart”.

That is what connecting to your Heart, and Mother Earth is about.  And it is why energizing, balancing and supporting your Heart Chakra is so very important in these crazy and chaotic times in which we have all found ourselves.

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