About Rebecca Cherry

Rebecca CherryOriginally from Wisconsin, Rebecca was born highly intuitive. She became intrigued about past lives and reincarnation at the age of 15 and began her formal training in a wide variety of energy healing techniques, Intuitive arts, past life regression and gem therapy by age 19 in Los Angeles. She continued developing her innate healing and intuitive skills with Master teachers in Los Angeles and New York over the following 10 years.

She began designing jewelry in the early ’90s and traveled throughout Italy for many years before moving there permanently in 2009. Five years ago, Rebecca launched her first jewelry collections in Florence, Italy.

She is the creator of the Divine Feminine Spirit Certified Courses, Workshops, and Retreats, and an expert on topics of living a life full of passion and purpose.

She is the author of; “Notes from the Universe”, and “Follow Your Heart, It’s Smarter Than You Think”. Her newest books, “The RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine Spirit” and a children’s fantasy adventure novel “Isabella & the Forces of Doom” due for release Summer 2017.

How I got here.

Since I was a young girl, I was always intrigued by the gemstone jewelry my grandfather represented for a large New York jewelry company.  As an adult, I became more passionate about the beauty of gems and jewelry and started to collect antique gemstone jewelry. When I started designing jewelry back in the early ’90s, I instinctively felt a deep connection and began researching the origin and history of the gems. I learned that natural gems have long held a place throughout history, and from every corner of the globe, for their unique ability to energetically affect the wearer.

This made sense to me as I’d always been highly intuitive and a student of energy healing since I was in my early teens. Eventually I realized that everything I had learned about energy medicine also directly corresponded to the gems natural ability to energetically resonate through our Chakra System, thereby impacting each area of our life. The gems will go to work for you much like a little battery, and help to bring energetic balance and alignment into your life.

In Love,

Rebecca Cherry