Why Italian Design?Why Italian Design?  For some reason the Italians have become world-renowned for their design aesthetics.  Maybe it started with the Renaissance, but maybe not.

Over the years, I have traveled throughout Italy’s premier jewelry design capitals.  I’ve gained entry into the super-secure design ‘workshops’ where some of the world’s most expensive jewelry is made – by hand.  Generation upon generation of master craftsmen still work today to create for the world’s top luxury design houses.  Bulgari, Boucheron, Cartier and Tiffany, just to name a few.

Living in Italy has given me this insiders-view as to why Italian design is recognized as the world’s premier go-to design capital.  And not only for jewelry, but also leather handbags, fashion, accessories, ceramics, textiles, furniture, glass, art, architecture ~ and on and on the list goes.

Based on my many years of first-hand experiences, I have distilled the reason as why this is down to one simple fact.

The Italians love Beauty.

They value it.  And they will pay for the skill that it takes to create beautiful things.

The Italians also still appreciate the little things in life.  Maybe that’s why their high quality of life has yet to be swept away by modern-day consumerism or the never-ending pursuit of making more money over enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

With their family. And their friends.  Sunday is still a day reserved for family outings and a great home-cooked meal shared together ~ with the TV off.

I’m hoping that despite Italy’s current economic challenges, that they will hold tight to these long-held traditions and values.  I’m hoping that they don’t follow America too much in their pursuit of money over their love of beauty – in it’s every form.

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