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Mala Making Workshop

Join us for a fun and illuminating Mala making workshop!

Mala Making WorkshopsJoin us for a fun and illuminating Mala making workshop and leave with your own one-of-a-kind Mala necklace and discover how to easily manifest increased prosperity, improved health and happiness in your life!

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The Mala is a hand-knotted necklace of 108 prayer beads used in many Eastern traditions for meditation.  Symbolically, each bead represents a truth or wisdom in life.

Many theories abound as to the origin of the sacred number 108, but the one that resonates the most with me is that the number 1 stands for God, the Universe or your own highest truth; 0 stands for humility in spiritual practice; and 8 stands for infinity.

When you meditate with your natural gem Mala, and with focused intention – and feelings – of what you want to manifest, each gem will energetically amplify those focused intentions and feelings.

Natural gems and crystals function like the software to your computer, and can be ‘programmed’ to activate, amplify and align you to your envisioned intentions.  This is an ancient science of knowledge that is resurfacing now to help you learn (remember) how to take a more active (conscious) role in creating the life you truly desire to live.