A Hummingbird Bee in Firenze

A Hummingbird Bee in Firenze

Yesterday, we walked into the center of Firenze, and stopped in the shade for a moment’s respite from the hot midday sun.  The throngs of tourists have descended and taken over Piazza del Duomo, with lines wrapping around Brunelleschi’s architectural masterpiece.

A bee caught my eye, and to my amazement, it was not your everyday bee, but a Hummingbird Bee.  I’ve only seen these at my friend Mary’s house in CT before…but never in Italy, much less buzzing around del Duomo.

Nature has its own way with or without us.  I particularly love the way it shows up in the most unexpected ways and I always pay close attention to it.  Usually, it is a sign for me to make some adjustment in attitude or something that I must pay particular attention to in my life.

Pay close attention when Nature comes knocking on your door, as there’s always a message to be recognized.  If nothing else, always stop and appreciate the beauty of Nature around you, even when it shows up unexpectedly.



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