I didn’t write about the Blue Moon of about ten days ago, but it didn’t go unnoticed either.  Full Moons always bring some kind of illumination, or a new level of awareness – you’ll see something in your life in a new light.

RRose Quartz Buckle BraceletIt’s also a great time to complete something, whether an ending of your choosing or not.  The page will turn, and you will need to recognize the gift – regardless of how it shows up.

For me, the Blue Moon brought something to my attention; and it was that I needed to stop all the ‘doing’ and re-connect to what I was wanting to create and achieve.

There was a ‘missing link’ between the non-stop work and the mind-numbing minusha that goes into working and running a business ~ and the Heart of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

This was not merely a mental disconnect, but at almost every level beyond the action-taking brain functions I was immersed in.  I’d become disconnected from my passion, my desires and my creativity.  This was not a good thing.


This was my gift from the Blue Moon.  Now my Heart is open again and back in the driver’s seat. My feet are firmly planted on the ground and connected to my passionate drive and determination to create what I’m here to do, and then share it with you.  And, my words are re-engaged with the world, expressing in my own unique way.

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When you try to accomplish something in life, it takes all sensibilities engaged.  The most important is to first know what you want, and that always comes from the Heart.  We are passionate beings living in a passion-filled world.

So, for those of you who need a little help getting your Hearts open and passionate again, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.


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And, I’ll still hold my offer of free shipping on all orders over $150 – direct from Florence.

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What was your gift from the Blue Moon?  Share it on my Blog here.

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