Our Gems

Whether they are precious or semi-precious gems, all are personally hand selected by Rebecca to ensure that they are 100% natural.

I go to great lengths to use the best natural gems available, direct from the source to ensure you the most pure, effective and highest quality gems available in the field of Gem Therapy.  Our gems are never heat or chemically treated, which ensures that our Gem Therapy Collections can energetically support and assist you in creating, transforming or healing whatever area of your life you are utilizing them in.

In addition, each gem is energetically cleansed and cleared personally by Rebecca prior to it being offered for sale.  This extra step is absolutely paramount to ensuring that you are getting the highest quality Gem Therapy Jewelry on the market today.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our gems are of the highest quality and of natural origin so that your Gem Therapy jewelry from Rebecca Cherry is not only highly effective, but with the proper care, will last for many years to come.