Meet Amber. She's a Cancer.

Meet Amber.  Her birthday is July 11th which makes her a Cancer.  Amber is sensitive, caring and protective by nature.  In times of need, she'll play the Mother to nurture your hurt feelings back to a happy place again.

Amber can't help herself, she's ruled by the Moon and those feelings and emotions run deep.  Sometimes so much so that even she has to retreat from the world and nurture herself from the inside out.  That doesn't make her cold or unfeeling, it's just Amber's way of taking care of herself before she can come out and play again.

Meet Amber.  She's a Cancer.As much as Amber can be protective and sympathetic to her friends, Amber also needs to be needed.  Her desire to feel fulfilled comes from her emotional foundation of sensitivity to others emotions, which are almost as powerful as her own. But Amber is a great friend, and you love her all the more for her sensitive nature.  When she's feeling great, she's a barrel of laughs and ready for a good time.  She's the friend who will sometimes also be moody to the point of throwing your hands in the air.  Give her a break and see what you can do to cheer her up.  She's one of the most well-intentioned friends you have, it's just that she's walking the tight rope of her emotions, and those around her.

RubyBuy Amber anything with Rubies to help her ground those emotions for smoother sailing.

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