Meet Taylor. She's a Sagittarius.

Meet Taylor.  Her birthday is December 9th which makes her a Sagittarius.  Taylor is the life of the party and when she leaves the party, it usually follows her home.

Fun and full of adventure, Taylor is probably your most enthusiastic, optimistic and easy going friend.  She's also kind, generous, loyal and if not always, most of the time, has a smile on her face.  Everyone, including you, loves Taylor.  Just having her around puts you in the mood for fun which will probably involve cocktails.

Meet Taylor. She's a Sagittarius.


She also has her serious side and can be driven by her ambition to succeed.  Goal driven, Taylor will make something big real given the right combination of belief and conviction that the rewards will be there.

Taylor always dresses for the occasion and usually in something that will grab your attention - or turn heads - as soon as she walks through the door.  She has a lust for travel and far away places, new people, new sights and discovering all of the delights that accompany her adventurous spirit.

Meet Taylor. She's a Sagittarius.Buy Taylor anything with Turquoise or Tanzanite as blue hues are her go-to color for every day or a night on the town.

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