The 60-Minute Miracle | Heal The Past That's Holding You Back

The 60 Minute Miracle

Are you happy, healthy and living your best life?

If you aren't...

and have a nagging issue that won't go away no matter how you think

...or are holding onto anger, resentment and frustrations

...or you are exhibiting self sabotaging behavior

...or you have ongoing issues that are running - or possibly ruining your life...

Then you'll want to learn The 60-Minute Fix.



"I'd been grappling with the lingering disappointment and anxiety from a job promotion trial that didn't go as planned. The lack of feedback left me feeling stuck, angry and frustrated.

I even started having panic-attacks.

Through the 60-Minute Miracle, I found a powerful way to release the emotional stress that had escalated over a 6-month period.

I was able to let go of the past and move forward with renewed confidence. The panic attacks disappeared. I regained my sense of peace and clarity.

And 10 months later I got an even bigger promotion.

The 60-Minute Miracle is a transformative process that I wholeheartedly recommend."
D.R. - Los Angeles, CA


"I was headed for a divorce. My marriage was at a critical juncture, and I was devastated to see it reach this point. I was taking the next steps to leave my marriage - I’d moved out of our home.

Rebecca guided me to try The 60-Minute Miracle. And it worked. I felt a distinct and immediate shift. I was amazed because I literally felt all of my anger release. I felt more peaceful and stronger to stand in my power with him.

A few hours later, I was able to have a normal conversation with my husband for the first time in 5 weeks. Within days, I started to see my husband change before my eyes. He stopped drinking and his attitude shifted. Amazingly, he was finally willing to start working on himself.

The 60-Minute Miracle works if you're willing to take a little time and be honest with yourself. In my case - the odds of my marriage surviving, were definitely not in my favor.

I continue to use it anytime I feel any new negative emotion - and it continues to work every time! It’s a year later, and my marriage has never been better!” L.S. Costa Mesa, CA


I had been dealing with a family situation that had taken it's toll on me over the past several years. It had reached the point that no matter what this family member said or asked of me, I was impatient, angry and frustrated.

I found that I didn't even want to think about this person any longer. And that was the wake up call that I needed to do something to change that. I didn't want to feel that way any longer.

So I used The 60-Minute Miracle to release the long-held negative emotions that had built up over the years, and once I got to the bottom of my negative-emotion-barrel, it was a short hop up to the love and compassion I truly held inside.

The 60-Minute Miracle also helped me to understand that I needed to set better boundaries and express how I felt in our exchanges.

I'm back to being the caring family member I want to be and they deserve.

C.R., Newport Beach, CA

Invest in your health and well being and the payoffs are priceless.

Time is our greatest asset in life. No matter what age you are, investing your physical health first requires a mental and emotional check up.

None of us can change our past. How we were raised, what kind of parents we had and what we learned from them starting at a young age. Whether we experienced a relatively happy childhood or one that filled with chaos and conflict, the subconscious beliefs, habits and how we express our emotions all started at home.

And those early childhood experiences can form lasting impressions on us that can cause havoc in our lives, our relationships, our foundational beliefs around money, our career and even our health down the road.

The reason for this goes beyond the logical conclusion that we pick up and learn bad habits from our family and childhood.

Except it’s not that simple.

Of course, if I were taking about brushing your teeth, then yes. The bad habits, additions, self-sabotaging behaviors that can haunt us for an entire lifetime can be identified to emotional decisions we made at an emotional moment, event, crisis or traumatic experience.

And in that emotionally-charged-experience, a decision, a choice or a belief is made in the subconscious mind tat gets time-stamped in our mind and heart. And from that new emotionally-charged choice as a newly installed subconscious program, just like installing new software on your computer. And until you delete that subconscious software program, it’s going to run, and even possibly, ruin your life.

You cannot overwrite these subconscious software programs with even the most positive intentions or a million affirmations. In addition, no one else can delete them for you.

Talking about your negative habits, addictions and self-sabotaging patterns only cycles you through the same emotions. Like a broken record, playing it over and over again does nothing to fix it. Talking cannot resolve them, remove them or release them.

The reason for this is that emotionally-charged-experiences carry an energetic frequency that stays with you until you decide enough is enough. Only then can you take the next steps to wipe the subconscious slate clean. After that, you can create new software programs for the life you truly want to live.Every negative and self-sabotaging subconscious program can be erased and deleted.

The 60-Minute Miracle has it's foundation in the well-documented science of the subconscious mind and how it functions. Much like the software programs that run your computer, your subconscious belief systems, family patterns and emotionally-charged-life experiences can also run - and even ruin - your life.

The subconscious software programs are not something that can be overwritten with positive affirmations, the best of intentions or by anyone else. The copy and paste approach will also not be effective. You will need to first erase the emotionally-charged subconscious programs that are running your life, and only then can you begin to truly create what you want your life to look like.

Learn The 60-Minute Miracle and turn back the hands of time to heal your past that's been holding you back from living your best life.



Family Communications
Parental Abuse

Health Related Beliefs
Victim Mentality
Helplessness Mindset
Sympathy & Attention

Food/Eating Habits
Emotional Comfort
Body Image

Panic Attacks

Poverty Consciousness
There’s Never Enough
Lack & Limitation

Fear of Failure
Decision Making

Addiction Beliefs

Sense of not belonging

Ancestral Trauma
Religious Beliefs


Anything the body creates, the body can also heal.

All disease - whether at a chronic, acute or life-threatening level is caused by some degree of emotionally-based state of dis-ease. And once you release the root emotional source, your body will naturally come back into a balanced state of homeostasis and heal itself.

HOMEOSTASIS: a self-regulating process by which a living organism can maintain internal stability while adjusting to changing external conditions.

We all know that our emotional experiences cause stress, which then stimulates the release of cortisol which in turn creates inflammation in the body. Even our medical system now admits that stress is the common risk factor of 75% to 90% of all disease, including the ones that cause the highest mortality rates; cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Cancer.

It's never too late to heal.


Clear Communications create happier relationships of every kind.
You can use The 60-Minute Miracle for any relationship in your life where you feel unresolved negative emotions. Once you experience the emotional weight being lifted and released from your body, mind and spirit, you will have empowered yourself to no longer be held back by your frustrations, hurt, anger and resentments. There is no greater gift you can give yourself and those who you love. Try it and see how once you heal yourself, your loved ones will naturally shift in response, resulting in happier relationships.


The key to Abundance is to consciously create it from a clean slate.

Lack, limitation and a scarcity mindset are all learned in early childhood. Those beliefs, financial limitations and hardships you learned as a child are not yours but something you learned and subconsciously chose to duplicate through the way you think about money, how you earn it and how you spend and manage it. Financial struggle and hardship creates massive emotional stress which leads to a multitude of more problems, whether in your marriage or family, and especially your health.

Understanding that you can wipe those scarcity slates clean, and then create an Abundant life - in every way is what is waiting for you now.

Close your eyes now and imaging every bill paid and a constant flow of money coming into your bank account. Feel the great sense of relief and give gratitude.

It's possible.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain...and that is the healing and freedom to live up to your greatest potential - by not allowing the past to hold you back.

 It's possible. Heal Now.