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Private Sessions with Rebecca

Rebecca CherryIf your Chakra Blueprints are out of alignment on the inside, your life will show you on the outside.

You will always want to make sure that your entire Energetic Immune system™ is humming harmonious alignment for greater Connection, Clarity, Expression, Health, Wealth Abundance, Success, Vitality, Passion and Love in your life.

Are you feeling disconnected and looking for more meaning and purpose in your life?  Or possibly unsure of why you’re here and what your destiny is?  We’ll work one-on-one to get your Crown Chakra Energy Blueprint clear, open and in alignment for connecting to Unity Consciousness to begin living your life purpose.

Are you feeling dazed and confused about the direction your life is going?  Are you lacking vision and inspiration?  I will work directly with you to open and fine-tune your Third Eye Chakra and setting a new Third Eye Chakra Blueprint™ for increased inner visionary support, intuition and divine inspiration.  This is your go-to Chakra for your daily inner guidance system – and the one you don’t want to live without it functioning at optimum levels ~ 24/7.

Cat got your tongue?  Do you have a hard time expressing how you truly feel?  We’ll check for the blocks and emotional debris that is holding you back from fully expressing yourself.  We’ll work together to open, balance and energize your Throat Chakra.  We’ll create and set a new Throat Chakra Blueprint™ for improved expression in every area of your life ~ and essential for happier relationships of every kind.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally stressed out? Are you having a difficult time relaxing or getting a good night’s sleep?  If so, we’ll check your entire Energetic Immune System to see what’s keeping you up at night and on the treadmill of stressed-out living. When things get out of balance, the mind jumps in the driver’s seat and chaos ensues.  Let’s get you back in balance and your heart leading the way for a more harmonious day and restful night.

Are you struggling financially, or worse?  Or are you wanting to create more wealth and abundance in your life?  If so, then we’ll find out what’s holding you back from realizing your financial success and begin creating a new Abundance Blueprint™.  Together, we’ll create a new Solar Plexus Chakra Blueprint™ for restoring your manifestation power to it’s limitless potential again.

Want to regain your health?  Do you want to eat better and exercise more but feel blocked and unable to maintain healthier lifestyle choices?  If so, we’ll set a new Heart Chakra Blueprint for inviting optimum health and getting you back on track for a healthier you.

Are you uninspired and unfulfilled in your work and career?  Are you wanting to start a new business, but feel unsure of what to do next?  Self sabotage, insecurities and general confusion can easily stand between you working the rest of your life, or never working another day.  We’ll work to create your new Solar Plexus Chakra Blueprint™ and have you grabbing the world by the tail again.

Lost some passion for life, your love, or simply want a more passion-filled life?  We’ll get you reconnected to your innate passions and create new passions in every area of your life.  You’ll revitalize your Root Chakra Blueprint™ and ignite the passions in your life again.

Are you feeling like there’s not enough love in your life?  Maybe you’re still looking for that ‘right’ person that seems to never show up?  If so, we’ll get you open and clear the decks for increased love of every kind to come into your life.  We’ll create a Higher Heart Chakra Blueprint™ and get you falling in Love again – within and with the world around you.

Your Private Session with Rebecca is 90 minutes and available globally via Skype.

Schedule your Private Session with Rebecca here.

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