Rx Healing Process | Your Prescription for Self Healing Book

Rx Healing Process | Your Prescription for Self Healing Book

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Rx HEALING PROCESS - Your prescription for self-healing.
Anything the body creates, the body can also heal.
All disease - whether at a chronic, acute or life-threatening level is caused by some degree of emotionally-based state of dis-ease. And, once you release the root emotional source, your body will naturally come back into a state of harmony and heal itself.
My Rx Healing Process has it's foundation in the known and well-documented science of the subconscious mind and how it functions. Much like the software programs that run your computer, so too does your subconscious belief systems, family patterns learned in childhood and emotionally-charged life experiences.
The subconscious software programs are not something that can be overwritten by positive affirmations, the best of intentions or by anyone else. You are the only person that can erase, delete and rewrite your new subconscious software programs. And they need to be in 100% alignment with your Heart and Soul Blueprint.
My Rx Healing Process takes about an hour to erase and delete the negative programs you've adopted or created in your life. Every negative and self-sabotaging subconscious program can be erased and deleted.
Everything is on the table.
  • Grief
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Parental Verbal Abuse
  • Parental Behavioral & Addiction Beliefs
  • Unhealthy Family Communications
  • Ancestral Trauma
  • Health Related Beliefs
  • Victim Mentality
  • Poverty Consciousness
  • Helplessness Mindset
  • Fear-Based Anxiety
  • Unworthiness/Insecurities
  • Scarcity & Limitation
  • Fear of Failure
  • Acceptance
  • Unlovable
Take the leap and say YES to your healing from the inside-out and watch your life transform into what your Heart truly desires and what your Soul designed for you to experience.
It's a choice.
Once you learn the Rx Healing Process, you will also gain this priceless knowledge on how to heal yourself for the rest of your life.

Healing Yourself = Self-Empowerment

You can use the Rx Healing Process for any experience or relationship in your life where you feel unresolved negative emotions. Once you experience the emotional weight being lifted and released from your body, mind and spirit, you will have empowered yourself to no longer be held back by your frustrations, hurt, anger and resentments. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than rising up and into your greatest potential you came here to live.

Healing Your Emotions = Optimal Health

Healing your negative emotions is where all health begins, and you will continue to create an optimal, strong and healthy life – from the inside and out. By the same token, holding on to negative emotions can also begin to undermine the energetic body system, eventually making its way to the perceived 3-D physical level. This is when chronic issues will begin jumping up and down to get your attention that something is out-of-balance at a deeper level. This is the body’s way of communicating to you that your attention is required before things get more out of hand.

Healing Yourself = Collective Transformation

The fundamental Rx Healing Process teaches you how to effectively express, experience and then release your negative emotions that will only become more cumbersome to carry around if left unaddressed and simmering under the surface.

There is nothing more important than this in your life now as we go forward in continued collective transformation. This is Humanity’s opportunity to evolve and elevate the collective consciousness to a higher frequency on Earth. Where everyone has the greatest potential for elevating their awareness to a conscious level of responsibility and begin to create their life as they truly desire it to be.

It’s a big deal and it’s why your Soul chose to be here now. Make the most of it as the opportunity is divinely timed with Humanity’s evolutionary transformation.

By choosing to heal ourselves and imagine the world we want to live in, is how each one of us can make all the difference in world. It begins with you and me. Choose wisely my friend as we are in this together.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain...and that is the healing and freedom to live up to your greatest potential - by not allowing the past to hold you back.


"I was headed for a divorce. My marriage was at a critical juncture, and I was devastated to see it reach this point. I had no idea what I could to do to fix it. I also couldn’t see my husband changing, which needed to happen if I was going to stay. I was taking the next steps to leave my marriage - I’d moved out of our home.

By nature I am a calm and centered person, but the anger had reached such a dramatic level, that I wanted to physically hurt him. I was desperate to release the anger - but also to save my marriage.

Rebecca guided me to try her Rx Healing Process. I'd done a lot of work on myself over the years, but her process was different. I was willing to try it and take responsibility for my part for where I was and the state of our marriage.

And it worked.

After completing the process, I felt a distinct and immediate shift.

I was amazed because I literally felt all of my anger release. I could feel a distinct healing take place. I felt more peaceful and stronger to stand in my power with him.

A few hours after working the Rx Process, I was able to have a normal conversation with him. It was the first real conversation we’d had in 5 weeks.

Within days, I started to see my husband change before my eyes. He stopped drinking and his attitude shifted. Amazingly, he was finally willing to start working on himself.

Rebecca's process helped me to recognize my responsibility in our marriage, release the anger and resentments I was holding, and then forgive myself and my husband.

The process works if you're willing to take a little time and be honest with yourself. In my case - the odds of my marriage surviving, were definitely not in my favor.

Rebecca’s Rx Healing Process is easy, and it's definitely worth it.

I continue to use the Rx Healing Process anytime I feel any new negative emotion - and it continues to work every time!

It’s a year later, and my marriage has never been better!” L.S. Orange County, CA