Spring has finally sprung here in the northeast, and with a great sigh of relief, everyone here is happy (actually, nearly ecstatic) that winter is finally over!

It’s been a long cold winter, and unusually quiet in this neighborhood tucked away on a little windy road that looks like the typical road you find in the small villages in the Italian countryside.  Barely wide enough for two cars to pass, with large boulders and trees sitting at the very cusp of the pavement. The road is so narrow and hilly, you need to pull over in order for the other car to pass at some parts along the way.

Another unusual aspect to being here, rather than in Italy, is that there was barely a peep all winter long coming from any birds or creatures.  It was strange for me not to be woken up in the early morning hours by the little tweets I’d come to love and appreciate.  Well, finally I can hear the birds chirping here, which comes as another great sign that Spring has officially arrived.

While most people might not stop to notice some of the little changes taking place this spring, for me these are signs of greater change taking place all around and within each one of us.

With my birthday approaching in less than a week, Spring holds within it the greatest inspiration of new beginnings for me.  And, this year I find the same motivation and inspiring energy sprouting up all around me.

March on the other hand, held the same dark, chilly energy as I typically experience, and this year with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars….all slogging there way through Pisces for nearly a month, I felt the as if I was under water trying to make my way with little success, despite my great efforts.

All of that has shifted now as we have the same 4 planets PLUS Uranus now in Aries, so the energy has increased exponentially, and as an Aries, I’m on FIRE – in the best of ways.  We’re also getting a great Spring New Moon this week on the 10th, so for all of you entrepreneurs out there (like me) make the most of this power-packed energy to launch your new projects over the next two weeks.

Like Nature, sometimes we have to follow our own cycle of life, and take the time during the cold winter months to rest, reflect and reinvent ourselves so that we are ready to spring forth, like the crocus that have sprouted up all around us.

I’m in tune with this natural cycle that Mother Nature has designed for us all, and wouldn’t change a thing.

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