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One of my greatest passions is living simple and self-sustainably.  This doesn’t mean that I live without the comforts and even some little luxuries along the way, only that I’ve found easy and simple ways in which to make some little changes that when added up, can make a big impact.  A few of these are:

Reducing the amount of garbage we produce in our home

Recycling the plastic containers into everyday household uses rather than just throwing them away

Restoring furnishings to a new and beautiful state

Purchasing local foods raised on sustainable land, preferably organic

Supporting local producers of every kind

and on and on the list goes.

Here are some of my favorite resources for learning how to live more simply and sustainably.  It includes everything from how to make your own mosquito trap to making home made shampoos, lotions and all kinds of wonderful, simple and inexpensive tips and hints to creating your own sustainable living blueprint.


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