Like many people today, I’ve been experiencing some challenges in my life.  Recently, however I am seeing them from a new perspective.  Realizing that today’s problems are the result of yesterday’s misalignment with what I truly wanted to create, I am finally pinpointing the root cause.  As with any problem, resolving it is always easier when you can identify the true cause.  So, as I face my challenges head on, I realize that I have to ask myself some tough questions in order to figure out the mistakes I made yesterday so I can correct them today for better results tomorrow.

As above So belowThis is an ‘as above, so below’ issue.  Therefore, there is no one other than myself to point the finger at.  However, rather than feeling guilt or shame, I prefer to figure out my next move to hopefully get it right for a better tomorrow.

As I am getting more and more into the sweet spot of my life, it is not simply enough to know what I want, but to be fully in alignment with what I’m creating my life to look like and be.

As I’ve been working on me for quite a while now, I’ve discovered that there are multiple facets that go into the creative process called ‘Life’, but with energy, focus and diligence I know that I can become a true master of my domain.

I’m not a fan of the Law of Attraction, as it’s been oversimplified and an integral ingredient totally removed.  Therefore, I follow what I call the Universal Law of (Conscious) Creation, and I’ve created an easy and simple process to help you become familiar with the basic steps to creating what and how you truly want your life to be.  Like me, you too may have strengths and weaknesses, but when you know what they are, you can compensate and adjust to bring them into harmony and balance as you move through creating your own sweet spot in life.

I call it: The iCREATE™ Process, and it goes like this.

Florence double rainbow

Double Rainbow over the Duomo in Florence on November 19, 2013

Third Eye Chakra AmethystI Imagine – First of all, you need to know what you want.  Many people have no clue what they want or how they want their life to be under ideal circumstances.  So, you must now take the time to sit down, get quiet and imagine the life you want to create for yourself.

Supporting Your Crown Chakra to Discover UnityI Connect – You are not an island.  You are not a body. So, you must connect to your heart where you will discover (or even remember) what you truly desire. This can take more than one session, so give yourself the luxury of the time and the patience to get connected to your Heart.  You cannot skip this step, and trust me on this, it will be more than worth it in the end.

Heart Chakra to Create WealthI Remember – Now that you know what you want, you will need to remember who you truly are.  Practice a heart-centered meditation until you remember who you truly are.  In case you need a clue, I can tell you that you are a great and limitless creator of divine proportions.  The rest is up to you. Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Throat Chakra to Fully ExpressI Express – Now that you have remembered who you truly are, and what you truly want, begin to express it in your life, and in every way.  Journal, create a vision board, write a book, or create a group.  Whatever you can do to emotionally, visually, mentally and physically confirm, ingrain and integrate it into your life, the greater the electromagnetic force you will be creating from.  Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic – so you will need to amp the power up on both of these energetic frequencies in order to successfully manifest and create in your life.

Solar Plexus Chakra Love CareerI Act – It’s time for lights, camera and action on what it is that you want to create in your life. Take the necessary steps to initiate your creative ‘project’, whether it requires a business plan, building or backdrop. Once you’ve initiated the action phase, keep going, and never, ever give up.  No matter what.  comedy and tragedy

Sacral Chakra Increased VitalityI Transform – Follow the clues and synchronicity that the Universe will show you and watch your new creation begin to take form.  Doubts, fears and insecurities will delay this transformation phase, so realize that while it’s the Universes’ job to orchestrate the chorus, it is still your job to keep playing your fiddle with faith, confidence and determination.  The fat lady has sung her last note, you just haven’t heard it yet.

Root Chakra Ignite PassionI Emerge – Like the butterfly from its cocoon, your new life will begin to emerge in the perfect way and at the perfect moment.  You could see results in as little as a week, or a year. If you’re creating an entirely new lifestyle, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but much of it is still standing today, therefore if you want to create a wonderful quality of life worth living, then you’ll need to be patient, yet expectant…and before you know it, your life will begin to look like the way you imagined it into being.  butterfly's cocoonMaybe not exactly the way you imagined it, as surely you’ll make some adjustments along the way, but without doubt you will love the way it looks in the end!

If you want to experience the full iCreate™ process to get into your own sweet spot, register for my Follow Your Heart Retreat in May or September 2014.  We’ll be creating our new heart-centered blueprints for living a life full of passion and purpose in beautiful Tuscany! Discover more here.




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