We’re always creating our lives in every moment – some of us more consciously than others and some in more creative or artistically expressed ways.  But, whether it’s putting dinner on the table, creating a painting or a play, your life – and whether you recognize it or not, is one great masterpiece in the making.

Support your Throat Chakra with Aquamarine & New Jade Hoop Earrings

Support your Throat Chakra with Aquamarine & New Jade Hoop Earrings

As a highly creative person, I’ve always loved to express myself in artistic ways. From an early age I made all kinds of things with my hands; I learned to crochet, embroider and sew my own clothes.  I also made Christmas ornaments for many years – and still do to this day.  I wrote my first book at age nine – although it never got published, I loved writing a story of my own, and in my own words.

Growing up artistically passionate has been only one of the ways that I’ve expressed the many facets that make up the canvas of my life.  I used my more left-brained skills while I worked in advertising and retail marketing for more than 25 years.

Whether you are like me and love to express yourself in artistic ways or not, you are still just as creative in your life as I am in mine.  You may express your creativity in different ways, but you are – and in a very real way, creating your life in each and every moment.

This time where is seems that there is no longer enough time to simply live our lives, much less enjoy it, is happening for a reason.  And, that reason is to bring your awareness at a very real and tactile every-day-level into the moment.

What purpose could this possibly have?

Support your Throat Chakra with this Aquamarine Necklace

Support your Throat Chakra with this Aquamarine Necklace

The purpose is to shift out of our old and outworn paradigm that is so clearly being evidenced all around us.  The state of our world is in crisis.  And, no one can deny that it needs to change, and change quickly in big ways.

So, how could living in the moment possibly have any effect on the current state of our world, and the many huge problems we all face?

When one person brings their focus into the moment and begins to create their life from the Heart, that energetic frequency goes out like a ripple effect through the energetic web of all life.  And when it reaches the person next to you – whether you know them or not, it touches their energetic field.


The same holds true for any type of emotion or thought.  Think about how you feel when someone is angry, sad or happy around you.  You will feel it at some level.

This is how one person can and does make a very real difference in the world.  So, whether you are bringing greater awareness to others about eating vegan, or exercising more, or selling shoes made by the hands of child laborers – you do make a difference in the world.

Support you Throat Chakra with Amazonite Vintage Buckle Bracelet

Support you Throat Chakra with this Amazonite Vintage Buckle Bracelet

Your actions, deeds and words are how you create your life in every moment.  And, as you bring your awareness into the moment more, you will begin to feel the stirrings of your heart push you in the direction that you came here to fulfill – in only the way that you can.

So, is Time really all about money, or is Time truly art?

It is your life; create it your way.

Wear any natural blue gem to support your Throat Chakra for greater clarity of expression in your life.

P.S.  Thank you to Nancy Oliver Volante for inspiring this post this morning when she asked the question: “We need the arts in our schools because ________?

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