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Tuscany Retreats with Rebecca Cherry

The Greater You Tuscany Retreat

The Greater You Tuscany Retreats have been designed to expand and elevate your life into the one you desire to live…with great passion and purpose.

The beauty of Tuscany envelops you like a warm summer breeze.

She captivates your soul and illuminates your mind to blissful places you long to be.  Her rolling hills. Her Cyprus trees pointing to the clear blue sky as they reach up from infinite fields of sunflowers and poppies.  The pungent aroma of Jasmine fills your nostrils.

Tuscany will steal your heart and call to you like a siren.


Join me in Tuscany for 7 glorious life-changing days and become…

The Greater You.

What can you expect from this life-changing Retreat in Tuscany?

You will discover how to easily live in a world of change.

You will get inspired about life again.

You will learn practical and energetically supportive tools and techniques.

You will learn how to live from that heart-centered space each and every day.

You will learn how to get energetically grounded.

You will be surrounded by magnificent beauty invigorating you with renewed life force energy.

You will discover how to consciously create your life rather than wait for good things to hopefully come your way.

You will know that you are a unique and special person here to contribute in only the way that you can.

You will begin to live with greater passion in life.

And you will definitely leave this life-changing retreat feeling a renewed connection to your life from within, without and with the world around you.

Register today and get ready for some amazing discoveries,  incredible cuisine and some of the world’s greatest art and culture – all while you are surrounded by the stunning beauty of Tuscany!

The Cuisine

Tuscany CuisineYou will experience Tuscany’s delicious and diverse cuisine. From morning until night, we will delight in an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, pastas, cheeses and meats – each meal expertly prepared especially for you.

Breakfast in TuscanyOur day will begin with a yummy selection of breakfast “colazione” light and slightly sweet varietal brioche and pastries, organic yogurt, fruit, berries and your choice of cappuccino, espresso, herbal teas and more.

Lunches will include regional dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied yet energized for a restful afternoon of enjoying the daily activity or simply taking it all in!

Evenings will open with the traditional Aperitivo. A refreshing cool Prosecco or Aperol spritzer will be served with an array of light snacks to satiate this pre-dinner socializing under the Tuscan sun.Winter-BruschettaHoriz

Dinners will move from fun home made pizza nights to rich and sumptuous pastas, roasted pork and certainly those amazing rosemary roasted potatoes that everyone absolutely adores. Whether it’s Nonna’s secret recipe or a world-renowned dish, each meal will be a symphony of authentic flavors prepared just for you. home made pizza

I’m in – Sign me up!

The Villa

Retreat Villa ViewSurrounded by beauty and immersed in nature, our Retreat Villa is part of a large 17th Century Tuscan Estate located a short distance from Lucca. The estate abounds with olive groves, fruit, nut trees and manicured gardens. There are plenty of sacred spots for quiet meditations or secluded journaling. Enjoy swimming in the private pool or sitting under a chestnut tree envisioning your new life.

Retreat BreakfastMeals will be served al fresco. We will relax and share the day’s discoveries, adventures and expansion as we enjoy the beauty that surrounds us day and night with the Sun and sparkling stars above.

17_dependance ground floor bedroom 341x227Your lovely bedroom is furnished in the classic Tuscan style with all of the  comforts of home.  Each comes with an en suite bathroom.

A Day of Delights in Bella Firenze

Ponte VecchioA special day of delights has been planned for you in beautiful Florence!  I want to keep this one a surprise, so for now just imagine spending a day seeing some of the worlds greatest art and architecture with a little shopping and culinary treats along the way!

Sounds Amazing! Reserve my spot now!

An Energizing & Elevating Experience

Throat Chakra Aquamarine MalaA fun and creative experience with gems will be enjoyed together where you will discover the easy and simple tools to energetically support your life at every level.  A treasure of pure delight will embody your visionary talents and unique contribution that we can’t live without.  Get ready for an enlightening experience!

OMG I cannot wait!  I’m booking it now!


Your Divine Feminine Retreat Dates:

April 7 – April 14, 2018

May 12 – May 19, 2018

June 9 – June 16, 2018

June 23 – June 30, 2018

September 15 – September 22, 2018

September 29 – October 6, 2018


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