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The Illuminating Gems of Life

Discovering Unity is not something most of us think about on a daily basis, if at all.  Yet, it is something that keeps us all separate and competing with each other.

Some of you will feel that this is a subject best left to the modern-day Gurus.  But from my perspective the time has come where it’s in our best interest, both individually and collectively, to no longer be a follower of Gurus, but to step into our own ‘Guru shoes’.

As who knows better than you what is truly best for you?  Who knows better what lay within your own heart?  What deep desires remain quietly waiting to be expressed? No one can truly understand another individual’s unique perspective, loves or pain suffered along the way.

In fact, all of the fun times, tough times, glad and sad times actually make up a very wise soul that is patiently waiting for you to recognize the wisdom that silently sits within your own beating heart.

This is the Guru of today’s exhilarating times in which we all find ourselves.  Ok, I’ll admit that some days appear to be something other than exhilarating.  But that’s only if you’re paying more attention to what’s going on outside, rather than what’s going on inside of you.

There is this very wise soul who has survived and thrived through the years.  And is now getting ready to make its debut.  This is the time for each bright and shining Heart to wake from a deep slumber and reclaim its rightful place in the world: in your life as your own personal Guru.

But, don’t take my word for it.  Just make a list of how many times someone else truly knew what was best for you since you’ve been an adult (over the age of 21 please).  If that number is higher than the times you’ve made the right decision for yourself, then count me wrong.

In the meantime, as each of us reclaims our own inner Guru, the next part will begin to fall into place with discovering what Unity Consciousness is all about.  As when you step into your new Guru shoes – from the inside out, the need to compete and conquer falls away to reveal a much larger picture, and heart.

What kind of Guru shoes do you wear?

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