You are amazing.

How do I know that you’re amazing? I know because we are actually connected at a level that you can’t see, smell, hear or touch, but you can definitely feel it when you understand that you are not a physical body in the way you’ve bee taught to believe.


In fact you are an energetic being of great light, beauty and intelligence. And this light, beauty and intelligence are the most real parts of who you truly are.  You are just having a so-called human experience on this beautiful planet we call Earth.


Now this energetic body that you truly are vibrates at different frequencies that are then expressed through your human thoughts, feelings, words, actions and emotions. When you understand that your mind has the capacity to consciously create through focused intention, thoughts and feelings, you’ve just become the master of your life.


How can you become the master of your life? One of the best ways is to meditate each and every day. Because when you meditate you can bring your energy up in frequency and open your Heart to the wisdom of the Universe within.


And that is where you will find the answers to the three most important questions everyone needs to ask themselves now.


What are these three questions? They are:

  1. Who am I truly?
  2. Why am I here now?
  3. What am I to do next?


Why are these three questions so important to you now? Because Humanity needs you. We need your light, beauty and intelligence so we can find our way out of this mess we’ve found ourselves in.


Humanity has reached its own line in the sand and we’ve got two options starring us in the face right now.


One is staying on the path of the fear-based paradigm designed to control us a collective resource. The other is the path of Love where limitless creative power, joy and Love reside.


Each of us will make our own choice as to what kind of world we want to create.  I’ve already made mine and now I’m here to find my like-minded brothers and sisters who want to create a peaceful, harmonious life for them, their families and their friends. And last but not by a long shot least, save our beautiful, beautiful planet in the process.


There is the very real potential that together we will destroy the very ecosystem that provides all and more that we require to live here.


By the same token, that same very real potential is there to save Earth and Humanity. It’s not as hard as it may seem, but will require enough of you for a collective tipping point to be reached.


So you can see how amazing each and every one of you is. And the incredible power you hold in your hearts and minds. And the difference that you can make as an individual because when we come together our collective minds and hearts can and will do amazing things, and literally make all the difference in the world.


So this is how I already know how amazing you are. I already know that each one of you has the potential held inside of your hearts to help save Earth and to directly contribute to collectively creating peace on Earth.


That’s possible. That’s an amazing, beautiful and noble purpose that we’ve all come here to create together.


This time, this crazy, crazy time we’re all living in is why we are here now. It’s what each one of us came for. It’s our clarion call to stand up and speak from our Hearts. It’s our time to step into the very best version of who we came here to be.


We are living in the most exciting, exhilarating times in all of Humanity’s history. We are finally able to remember who we truly are, why we are here now and what we are to do next.


This is amazing. You are amazing. And together we can do amazing things.


We don’t have to do the same thing except for one very, very, very important part.

It’s not hard or complicated.

It doesn’t require years of study or practice, a college degree or any technical skills, computers or smart phones.

You don’t need money or a bank account.

You don’t need a teacher, a guru or a priest.

You simply need to open your Heart and love a little bit more each day.

Envision Pinklight radiating out and into the world from your Heart and you’ve just made a difference in the world. And a palpable difference as that Pinklight energy is the Universal frequency of Love.

And it goes out into the energetic web that connects us all. For those of us who can feel it – we will know that you’ve made your choice to love a little bit more each day.

And as the days pass with you sending Love out from your Hearts, you’ll begin to see your life and the world from new eyes.

You’ll begin to feel empowered.

You’ll begin to feel like who you truly are and you’ll begin to feel a gentleness come over you. Your words will be kinder. Your arms will wrap around those around you with more compassion.


You’ll smile more, laugh more and the desire to live with greater passion and purpose will rise out of your hearts with great Joy.

This time is what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s why there are so many of us here. We came to do this thing called Love.

We wanted to have a human experience where we could finally rise up and step into our own guru shoes.


Each one of us is an absolutely brilliant being filled with the limitless potential of the most powerful force in the Universe. And that power is Love. It’s not the kind of power you use to manipulate and control through fear.

Love is the power that creates Universes. Love is the creative power that creates life in all its forms. This is what we’ve each been searching for and now you know why you are so amazing.

And why you are here now. And what you are to do next.


Love a little bit more each day.

Say a kind word to someone as you pass them by.

Reach out and help someone who is struggling.

We all know at least one person who is lost, or sad, or hurt or simply needs a hug and shoulder to lean on for a bit.

Share with them what you’ve learned here today. Lend a helping hand where you can.

The world needs you now more than ever. I need you. The person next to you needs you.

Together we will change the world one person at a time. Lets go there together, in Love, in Light and in the Beauty of Universal Intelligence that together we can create anything our Hearts and minds desire.


You are amazing.

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