2024: Humanity 2.0

In case you haven’t noticed of late, Humanity is in need of an serious update.

Our societal software programs are outdated, they are redundant and they are simply no longer compatible with where we need to go as a collective species.

While some of our programs have been hacked with spyware to censor and subvert open and free debates, other more damaging software viruses have infiltrated the hearts and minds of millions.

Houston, we have a problem.

If the term color revolution is too strong for you, then let’s just call it by it’s original Roman Empire strategy of: divide and conquer.

So, what are we to do, those of us un-hacked with our antivirus programs running on high alert?

How do we delete the malware, bots and dark-web infiltrators trying to ruin our lives and run the world?

While I am one who likes to look at the big picture of our cosmic firmware and then connect the dots on the ground of our evolutionary progress, even I can get momentarily dismayed at the current coding running throughout our world.

But then I bring my focus back to the big cosmic coders that really run the show, and I can see where we are going and why we all need a ‘codus interruptus’ before a nearly complete reboot is required to get our operating system back up and running in sync again.

While some of the malware of malicious narratives spun by the media industrial complex, their back-up fake accounts, bots and dark-web hackers have been partially exposed, and some of us have a pretty good idea of where the broken links and coding bugs are, we’ve still got some active players that are holding on to their beliefs so tightly, they can’t (yet) see the forest through the trees.

Our current state of global chaos, calamity and crisis falls under the realm of our favorite big boy cosmic coders: Pluto and Uranus. And, on January 20, 2024 when Pluto moves back into the sign of Aquarius, ruler of the internet and technology, he’s going to not only reveal all of the bad actors, viruses and malware, but especially the hackers who have been hiding in plain sight.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, oversees the Internet, and is the cosmic lead tech guy in charge. Uranus is also fast, surprising to the point of shocking, freedom loving, rebellious by nature, and is Humanitarian to it’s core.

On the other hand, Pluto is the transformer of all life, whether experienced from the retaliatory and reactionary level of the Scorpion, or the transformative Phoenix rising from the ashes of Pluto’s destruction, Pluto serves up the most transformative power in our cosmic lineup. And while he’ll dip back into Capricorn from September 1 to November 19, 2024, he will be busy deleting the cookies, cleaning our caches and freeing up memory to make room for our new and improved operating system over the next twenty years. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Not coincidentally, America has also been experiencing it’s own up close and personal Pluto return in 2024, as Pluto completes his first full 248-year cycle. We can already see he’s been hard at work here over the past few years, with some glaring show-stopping reveals as it wipes our decks clean to prepare for America 2.0 in the coming years.

This is not just limited to America, but is a global phase of breakdown to breakthrough. How do you know what to fix until you know something is broken?

Put these two big boys together and we are poised at the precipice of the entire house of corrupt codes collapsing in 2024. From my perspective, I’m expecting accelerated transformation in new and innovative ways - with technology leading the way.

So, it’s going to be really hard for the hackers to continue to work from behind the scenes, trying to slip their little code snippets into our programming, as once Pluto hits Aquarius, all bets are off, as Pluto loves to expose the underbelly of the beast.

This is, by nature how all new cosmic cycles begin. First expose the corrupted code, the broken links and especially the anti-virus programs that were installed to not only, not work, but to further infect the whole operating system.

So, take stock of any viruses running in your life, clean out the bots distracting you and disinfect your Heart and Mind of any viral snippets that may have copy and pasted themselves into your life.

Humanity is getting a major software update across all societal programs that have been running over the past two thousand plus years to prepare and be ready for the new cosmic cycle to begin.

It’s also best to make these software updates yourself, because if you procrastinate and knowingly ignore the bots, viruses and malware running, and possibly ruining your life, Pluto could crash your operating system, and you will no longer have the the option to clean up your desktop files on your own.

It’s time to hit the reset button, get excited and prepare for the New Renaissance that is approaching. You’ll definitely want to be ready for Humanity 2.0.

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