Rebecca Cherry/Founder


Rebecca Cherry is the CEO/Founder of and

Rebecca is a highly intuitive energy healer, writer and educator on frequency-based healing, nutritional health and energy medicine techniques, such as her proprietary Rx Healing Process, a simple and easy emotional-release technique, as well as ground-breaking sound and light therapy healing technology.

She teaches both online and in person at her Elevate 2 Create Workshops, and leads her transformative New Renaissance Retreats in Tuscany.

Rebecca is also the published Author of three books: Notes from the Universe, The Quiet Revolution of the Heart, A New Renaissance, and Follow Your Heart, It's Smarter Than You Think. The three books were written as inspiring guides to connect and assist us through the evolutionary process we are collectively going through as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

Her newest book, ‘Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom’ looks to inspire children (of all ages) to reconnect with Nature and begin to live more harmoniously with it and each other. The book was launched at the Global Woman Summit July 2023 in London.

The Isabella’s Earth Mission is committed to helping children in need around the globe.