Rebecca Cherry

Rebecca CherryRebecca was born highly intuitive, with a knowing acceptance of all people. She grew up in Wisconsin, enjoying a close connection to Mother Earth and Nature.  At the age of 15, her Mother handed her a book on reincarnation which set her on a path of wanting to know more.  By the age of twenty, she found her first teacher, began meditating and expanded her focus to include The Science of the Subconscious Mind, taught by a Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute, The Course of Miracles, Past Life Regression Therapy, Gem Therapy, Reflexology and a variety of energetic healing modalities.

Over the next ten years, Rebecca studied under Master Intuitive teachers in Los Angeles and New York, further fine-tuning her intuitive talents and energetic healing abilities, while complimenting her expanding view of the healing arts through the integration of Quantum Physics, Frequency Healing, the Akashic Records, Western Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Shui, Crystal and Gem Therapy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Amino Acid Therapy and nutritionally-based cleansing and alternative health techniques.

Rebecca is also very creative and loves working with Mother Earth’s beautiful gems, and reprogramming the subconscious mind with supportive and intentional energetic blueprints that are in alignment with your Heart’s desires and life purpose. It is a connection of the Heart, an unmistakable sense of belonging with this beautiful and most magnificent of Planets that humanity calls home, and it is what drives her to share the messages that accompany each of her jewelry collections at and

In 2007, Rebecca began remembering ancient healing techniques along with the wisdom of what needs to happen now to reach our collective tipping point toward Living Love as a Lifestyle.

She has combined her life’s learning, practical experience and evolutionary wisdom into her Accelerated New Renaissance Coaching program, Courses, Workshops, and her proprietary healing process; The 60 Minute Miracle.  

Rebecca's work includes a cohesive and personalized transformational process for anyone to discover their unique path to remembering who they truly are, why they are here now and especially what they are to do next.

In her book 'The Quiet Revolution of the Heart, A New Renaissance' she explains how the leading-edge science behind the heart’s innate intelligence can act as a guide for creating a new paradigm of heart-centered living. She also connects the dots of today's upside-down world to the approaching New Renaissance, with the knowledge and guidance providing simple and easy steps for anyone to follow to create a heart-centered calm through this exhilarating time of collective transformation.

Her non-profit organization Isabella’s Earth is based on her first work of fiction, a fantasy adventure novel ‘Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom’, and is the foundation for collective transformation to living in cooperation with each other, and in harmony with Nature. You can find out more at

Over the past thirty-five years, Rebecca has helped countless people with her intuitive gifts, healing abilities and inspiring guidance.  Her comprehensive and gentle approach offers the divinely inspired guidance to assist others in transforming their lives into the one they not only desire, but also the one their Soul designed for them to experience.