Cardinal Rules for Life

My Cardinal Rules for living the life your Soul designed for you to live.

There are always signs along the way that can guide us through our lives - if we allow them to.  Here are my top four Cardinal Rules for living the life your Soul designed for you to live. 

They are simple rules and the only requirement is that you bring your awareness of what's going on ~ within, without and with the world around you ~ up to the present ~ moment by moment living.

Once you integrate these four Cardinal Rules into your daily life, you will find less resistance energy, greater clarity, reduced stress and a more balanced flow to your life.  In turn, these will have even more far reaching effects across every sector of your life - happier relationships, improved health and wellness and greater abundance of every kind.

Take your time and study these until you have them memorized.  I also recommend that you start a notebook or journal detailing the signs, feelings and synchronicities the Universe brings to you.  Twelve months down the road you'll be amazed at how apparent the Universe responds to you once you learn to pay attention and listen to it.

Here they are!

  1. Pay Attention – to what your feelings are telling you. If it feels good keep going.  If it doesn't feel good, take a closer look and see what needs expressing, discussing or adjusting. Once you get into a 'feeling good mood' again keep going.
  1. Listen Closely – to what the Universe is saying to you.  That also includes your Higher Self sending you signs through your dreams or visions.  The Universe also speaks through other people, whether it's a random conversation in the grocery store, comments from strangers - family and friends.  It doesn't mean that everyone else is right and you're wrong, the key is to listen for an over-arching message the Universe is trying to get through to you.
  1. Watch for Clues – the Universe will also show you all kinds of signs to guide you in the right direction - or maybe you really need to make a u-turn.  It could be seeing the same name or numbers, through random pop ups – words, comments - and they will come from anywhere anytime. There is no such thing as coincidence - these are all signs of the Universe speaking and sending you the clues your Soul wants you to follow.
  1. Choose Wisely – take your time to digest and reflect on the new direction or decision you need to make. Impulse decisions will not get you where you want to go any faster. In most cases, we have all the time we need to make the important decisions in life.  When in doubt or if you need to make an on-the-spot decision or choice, always go with your first gut instinct or your intuition. It will never be wrong and you should learn to trust it implicitly.  Second guessing will always bring you back for a do-over.