Quick Fix for Fear - Gratitude is Always the Answer

No matter where you stand within the spectrum of fear right now, know that you can shift your focus and frequency out and into the full light spectrum of love within a heartbeat.

Gratitude will pull you out of fear, anxiety, worry - even depression - faster than anything else. 

The reason for this is due to the high frequency energy that your Heart emits when you feel the feelings of Gratitude.

And you don't have to do anything other than feel that heart-centered feeling of gratitude for everything you have in your life.  No lists or affirmations are required.  You can do it anywhere, anytime and it's free.

The best part to feeling heart-centered Gratitude every day is that you will be sending a new positive energetic blueprint to the Universe.  And the Universe will respond in the only way it can.  And that is to give you more reasons to feel grateful.  It will open more doors to abundance for you to be thankful for in your life - and in every way.

There's no fooling the Universe though - so make sure you are in the right head-space and your heart-felt expressions of gratitude are sincere.

It will take you about 30 seconds to do.  Here's my Quick Fix for Fear:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in.

Place your hands in prayer in front of your Heart Chakra - which is the center of your chest at Heart level.

Now say outloud:

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Repeat this three times out loud with the same heartfelt gratitude.

Feel a great sense of relief - this gets you out of your own way - as you feel true Gratitude express from the very core of you. 

Don't think anything specific or get in your head about what you're grateful for.  This is more about getting into a feeling than engaging your analytical thinking.

Practicing the Gratitude Prayer also brings your vibrational frequency back into alignment with your true heart's desires, increases your sense of security to know that everything is perfect in this moment.

Try it and see how you feel. If you do this the right way, I personally guarantee that you will feel better in seconds.

Then share it with your family and friends. And the energy will coalesce into a harmonic frequency and create a quickening of healing, transformation and moving the collective energy into a positive upswing rather than a downward spiral.

This is how each one of us can make all the difference in the world - and within.

Begin and end each day this way and you create your own personal vortex of healing that will transform not only your life, but of those around you as well. 

In love,