FIRE ELEMENT - Remember your life purpose through an elevated and intuitive Heart-centered connection, for increased passion, confidence and compassion.

Your will to live a passion-filled and purpose-driven in life is solely based on you and the choices you make each and every day.

If you are unfulfilled, directionless or simple dazed and confused by the world around you, take a deep breath and know that everything is absolutely perfect in this moment.

Next say a prayer of heart-felt gratitude for all that you DO have and enjoy in your life. You may feel like it's not very much right now, or you may feel overwhelmed by your daily challenges, stress and anxiety.

However, you have the power within to shift that focus and thinking in a heartbeat. You simply have to choose it.

The next steps are easy to find your strength, passion and purpose for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Each and every day.

It's called your Will to survive, thrive and slam the door on the past and choose to start right now, right here to creating the life your Heart is calling you to create.

This is the Fire Element within, without and with the world around you.

You may have to dig deep for it, but I can 100% guarantee you it's there. And there's absolutely no such thing as failure - until you give up.

Start now to shifting your feelings from where they are to where your Soul wants to take you. There's no better time to start as you'll want to reinvent your life and be ready for the New Renaissance that is approaching.

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