Energetic Prayers of Protection

Here are some simple yet effective energetic prayers that I use daily.  These are even more powerful if spoken out loud. Remember that adding the energy of the spoken word exponentially increases its energetic power.

Every morning and then again just before going to bed I say the Divine White Light Of Protection Prayer.  This prayer will instantaneously and divinely protect you and your loved ones from any potential negative energy impacting your energy field.

You can also say this anytime you feel uneasy or unsafe.  I will oftentimes say it again while driving on the L.A. freeways – especially when I see someone driving – let’s just say – stupidly.

Before speaking, take a few deep cleansing breathes to set your intention with focus and clarity.

The Divine White Light of Protection Prayer

I ask that the Divine White Light of Protection surround and protect myself, (fill in names of children, spouse, pets, etc)_________________, my family, friends and loved ones, our homes, cars and vehicles we travel in and see us home, safe and sound each and every day.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


Energetic Shield Activation Prayer

If you are intuitive, an empath or simply sensitive to picking up on other's feelings and emotions, this is a great way to reduce the energetic influence of others around you.

You can activate the Energetic Shield anywhere anytime to filter out those unwanted feelings and emotions, so you can stay centered and focused on what's going on with you.

Here's how to activate an Energetic Shield:

I ask that the Divine White Light Shield of Protection be activated and protect me from any and all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. 

I now close down my energy field and activate an impermeable White Light barrier of protection to any and all negative thoughts, emotions and feelings from any and all negative people, spirit and beings from all dimensions and time/space continuums.

I ask that all healing energy and communication that is in my highest and best interest continue to be received through the Violet Flame of Transmutation in its highest and purest energetic form and frequency.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


Golden Ray of Healing Energy Prayer

I use this Healing Energy Prayer anytime my son catches a cold or someone I know needs some healing energy.  When you focus your intention with the added power of the spoken word, you are setting a new healing energy blueprint.

It will not always work. Sometimes it will work miracles.  Sometimes we get sick because our bodies need extra rest in order to be rejuvenated.  Or the experience is carrying a bigger message. 

Try not to judge or draw conclusions - it's really not your job.  But there is always positive energy and purpose in feeling compassion for another and sending healing energy.  And that always helps on some level - even if you don't see it.

If you can also envision the person completely healed and healthy again that will add exponential healing energy to the healing energy blueprint you are creating. 

It's short and sweet as the healing energy of the Universe doesn't need much more than to just be asked.

I ask that the Golden Ray of Healing Energy infuse and permeate every cell of ___________________________ body, mind and spirit, and restore them to optimum health and well being.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.