America 2.0 - Pluto Leads the Way

Are you feeling pushed or purposeful these days?
Most people need a catalyst, and sometimes even a little chaos, to make a change in their lives. Even if they know it’s something that will improve or make them happier. Change is scary for many people.

Resistance begets stagnation in life and then the conflict arises. Next, the chaos ensues and the changes that you’ve been thinking about making - sometimes for years are made for you.

Why not try something different than waiting for the Universe to push you into transformation?

That’s where we all are right now. Humanity is being called - or pushed- into the biggest cosmic cycle of change we’ve ever faced together before.

Divine timing is in play and Pluto is leading the way. And it’s no small thing.

Wherever Pluto is transiting your chart will give you a good idea of what's up for transformation and renewal. Some part or aspect of your life that needs to either be completely wiped off the table, or at the very least, transformed into a higher expression of who you truly are and how you express it. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

This is not just an individual experience, but because Pluto’s cycle is 248 years long, it can also create a new and better country with a transformative foundation never seen before. A great example would be the ‘we the people, by and for the people of the USA.’

It’s 2024, and Pluto is completing it’s first 248 year cycle, returning to the same spot in the Natal chart of the USA. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, so, it’s no coincidence that we are seeing both conflict and chaos across every spectrum of life in the US right now, and especially since Pluto moved back into Capricorn on June 11, 2023.

We are living Pluto in real time, revealing what no longer serves the people; the unchecked power, corruption and deceit our forefathers fought so hard to defeat 248 years ago.

And here we are again. This is, by necessity, a big wake up call to all Americans, and the world, to see in the glaring daylight, all that needs to be exposed and expunged in order to make way for the new and improved.

This is how Pluto operates, and since it moved back into Capricorn, it’s been non-stop exposing what’s not in our highest collective good of ‘we the people.’

Whatever side of the aisle you are on, it’s neither been fun nor comfortable to witness and experience the glaring attempts to subvert our inalienable rights to free speech and the pursuit of happiness.

The cultural divide and conquer agendas have made a significant impact on our capacity and courage to have open and respectful debates on any current political, cultural…pick a subject, any subject, of the current state of our daily lives and world. However, within all of that discomfort of the truths revealed are choices each one of us need to make.

One example would be in our public schools across the country. Parents have been shocked to see what their young children are actually being taught. And they have stood up and are getting involved to fix the issues at hand. This is just one way how conflict and chaos creates necessary action to transform and create something new and improved.

It’s a grass roots movement that will grow to a groundswell by the time we reach the voting polls on November 5, 2024. However, before we get there, we’re going to see a lot more revealed, as Pluto’s transformative work is nowhere close to complete.

On January 20, 2024 Pluto will enter Aquarius. This will begin to accelerate grassroots movements at every level of life, while the ugly truths continue to be revealed for the world to see.

America is being reborn right before our eyes and we are in heavy labor pains.

Creating a new life takes a healthy, strong and vital body. One that is also glowing with excitement and anticipation of the new baby being nurtured from inside.

Therefore, as the expectant new parents of America 2.0, we too need to take better care of what we were born into - the greatest country on Earth. Even those who have been lucky enough emigrate here, America offers a very special purpose, and responsibility, for the rest of the world who don’t enjoy those same rights and freedoms, that we Americans tend to take for granted.

Many people have been saying that America is a dying empire, in the same way the fall of the Roman Empire happened. I’ll admit there are some similarities right now, but this is no time to give up and give in.

Over the past few decades, America got fat and complacent along the way. We all got too busy with an overwhelming work-life schedule necessitated by an ever-increasing consumer-driven culture, with an unhealthy dose of celebrity idolatry, non-stop entertainment distractions, and the debasement of the human mind through a plethora of voyeuristic indulgences. Which brings us to the present and you end up with a society in trouble.

Coliseum anyone?

Add all of that to the 2020 global bullhorns of near-panic inducing paranoia and fear, and we’ve literally just lived through one of the most pervasive global hysteria campaigns the world has ever experienced. Seriously.

It’s all there. The signs of a failing empire in it’s death throws nearly completed by a very strategic plan executed through the industrial media complex to divide and conquer the hearts and minds of America from within.

As once we fall, the people pulling the strings from behind the many curtains will have succeeded in their plan to literally rule the world. And they’ve been at it for a very long time. Global dominance is a desire of people who are hell-bent on being the masters of Humanity.

However, our wake up call may just have arrived in the nick of time, as we’ve never been closer to losing it all to the old pillars of deceit, greed and control than ever before.

How do I know this, despite everything happening all around us?

Because in all things, timing is everything.

And Pluto’s transformative power is here to save the day through the exposure and global clean-up phase of these very lies, deceits and control systems. Their time is up, they had their chance and they failed.

A new cosmic cycle is beginning.

In 2024, we are turning a big corner and now it’s Humanity’s turn to make the most of the opportunities and divine timing. Now we need to prepare for the most amazing, exhilarating and beautiful time on Planet Earth with the New Renaissance that is approaching.

So, while America is getting gutted of the old outworn systems of control through centralized power and fear-inducing compliance, the rest of us need to prepare for the New Renaissance.

Get ready, get excited and get to work so you can help create and contribute to the greatest transformation on Earth the world has ever experienced. It’s going to be amazing and America is just getting started.

Expect to see the unexpected and sometimes in surprising - even shocking ways - as Pluto moves into Aquarius on January 20th - which is ruled by sudden-and sometimes shocking surprises Uranus, but with a built-in humanitarian purpose. It’s time for a little more cooperation and a lot more harmony.

America 2.0 is going to be gaining steam come 2025, and by 2026, we'll be setting the Heart’s of Humanity on fire. For those of us who have been preparing for this time and are ready to lead the way, we will gladly guide our brothers and sisters into the greatest New Renaissance the world has ever experienced.

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