Astrology: Timing is Everything in Life

The greatest benefit of learning the Universal language of Astrology is to understand how to make the most of the major planetary cycles or "themes" from a macro view. Being able to step back and see the big picture, is not always easy - or simple these days, however, when you can be more objective, it becomes a whole lot easier.

Like seeing the forrest through the trees, knowing what the big picture is showing you, will actually help you to plan accordingly, while also enabling you to take advantage of the personal (micro) cycles so you know when to get your umbrella out - or take a personal day off of work.

Big waves build over time, but start small. The same is true for the planetary cycles - they flow like the tides - but can also come in surprising and shocking ways (thank you Uranus).

The big picture is painted by the outer planets - Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are the big boys in Astrology. They affect us at a collective, societal level and create long-lasting effects.

Sometimes, they don't play well together, which can create stress and tensions all the way to major life events - and often at a global level.

The 2020 Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is a great example where the untetherd power of Pluto was expressed as hidden secrets and deceptions used to control and restrict (Saturn) through anything big in nature, like big media, big pharma, big government and big business (Saturn rules big corporations & government).

It was the perfect storm for a divinely-timed collective experience to transform (Pluto) Humanity and on a global scale. The big boy planets were going to paint a very big picture for us, and often in painful ways. Unfortunately, that's what it takes to get Humanity's attention at times.

It was unexpected, it was traumatic, and it was frightening for millions of people as we collectively experienced the greatest divide and conquer scheme waged upon the world.

Pluto used its power to control through deeply hidden power schemes devised by people in powerful positions. While Saturn, the great teacher (think school of hard knocks) and time keeper of responsibility and restrictions, conspired with Pluto to hold us back, limit our ability to move around, be with our family and even earn a living. Saturn was swinging his big stick to make us sit down and be quiet.

Our most basic human rights were threatened under the false narrative of fear-induced control.

Allow me to preface what I'm about to say by pointing out that, sometimes, people will not make long-overdue changes they know are truly in their best interests, that is and until, their back is against the wall.

Now, let's flip that coin and see how the effects of being forced to stay home also transformed (Pluto again) as many lives and in powerful ways.

Pluto is the expert deck cleaner and eventually - if you procrastinate long enough - will do the dirty work for you.

For many, this extended lock down period forced them to finally make those long overdue changes. Relationships faced their make-it or break-it points. Despised career endings were either made for you - or by you, as many could not do it one more day.

Stressed out lives became less stressful. Priorities shifted and gratitude stepped in as people woke up (Saturn again) to what was truly important to them in their lives.

Pluto cycles are major and can carry a big whollop - like a forrest fire that sweeps through and leaves smoldering ashes in its wake. But, soon after, a powerful transformation takes root and a new forrest begins to spring forth.

On the macro level Pluto is the destroyer of outworn big power structures that no longer serve us. Even the very things Pluto helps to build (with Saturn of course) and transform into big power houses. However, Pluto is an equal-opportunity transformer and doesn't play favorites. Once something has fulfilled it's purpose, it's time to create something new and improved in its place.

That is what we are seeing happening today. And at a global level. Outworn systems, governments, and businesses built on pedestals of power, deception and control now need to be transformed into something new - and improved.

The extreme division and the radicalization of everyday norms in the name of inclusivity are going to get their exit visa - and in short order.

Pluto is about to enter Aquarius on March 23. And while he'll only dip into Aquarius for a few short months (until June 11) before he moves back into Capricorn until January 20, 2024, the writing is already on the wall.

So, what can we expect from Pluto entering the sign of Freedom, genius-level technology and Humanitarian-focused Aquarius? And, very likely with some sudden shocks and surprises tossed in for good measure? (Thank you Uranus, ruler of Aquarius).

How might we see Pluto's big move show up and play out over the next twenty years?

We are going to start to see the fear-based control system (Saturn) be exposed. On the recent March 7th Virgo Full Moon, we saw some surprising (for some of us) new video of the January 6th capitol protests, while some of our government officials openly asked to censor any further videos being released.

What happened to freedom of the press and our 1st amendment rights?

Unfortunately, powerful people in powerful positions usually won't give up their power so easily. However to me - this only proves my Pluto points home all the more. Pluto is exposing blatant lies and in the most blatant, unabashed manner.

Pluto, keep wiping those decks clean.

While Pluto cycles are long (248 years) the glaring contrasts of the new freedom loving Aquarius cycle will be the backdrop to the old and outworn (Saturn again) power-is-control-system that will be exposed and transformed - one way or another.

We will see CEO's retire suddenly, elected officials leave their positions early - or choose not to run again (think 2022 Midterms), media moguls flail and eventually fail (already happening) while the individuals inspired to help create a much more vested stake in our communities, will create a grass roots revival the likes of which we've never seen before.

It's already starting.

There is a clear path to making Humanity safely and ecologically secure to a fully sustainable energy future. Thank you to the innovators and creators for the genius-level technology and systems you've invented, for your hard work and dedication, and for your visionary cultivation of a better life and world for us all. Lead the way.

Interestingly enough, the US has been experiencing its own Pluto return since last year. Pluto has "returned" to it's original placement in the U.S. birth chart from it's starting point 248 years ago - which was in 1775 - a short year before the Declaration of Independence was signed by our founders.

There is no such thing as coincidences in a divinely-timed cosmos.

So, here we are again - fighting for our individual rights and our way out from under the big thumb of powerful and control-hungry people.

Ok, so we are up and due for Life-on-Earth 2.0 upgrade really taking off in 2024. It seems to be gaining real traction in the US first - primarily due to it's formally-mentioned Pluto-return focus.

However, we will see transformation along all sectors of our beloved civilization, and time zones as we go.

Transformation on a global scale is never an easy - or comfortable process. There are uncomfortable truths to be faced (Aquarius) and responsibilities to be taken (Saturn) along the way.

However, and hopefully, you are starting to see the forrest through the trees at this point. The rewards of our collective traumas, trials and tribulations - and the newly reborn dedication and hard work will pay off. Thank you taskmaster Saturn and deck-cleaner Pluto. Your wisdom ways are starting to pave the way to a bright and promising horizon.

The big boys of Astrology don't mess around and they certainly don't waste time - our most valuable asset in life.

Remember always - that timing is everything in life. And there's no better way to know when the time is right, than learning to understand the Universal language of Astrology.

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