BREAKING NEWS: Saturn has left the building

Saturn the planet of structure, hard work, self discipline and responsibility has officially moved. This is a big deal, as when one of the big boys of Astrology (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) changes signs, we can expect big changes to happen in the world.

But don’t worry, as Saturn builds over time, in a slow and steady way - bringing success in the long run. The sudden and surprising stuff comes with Uranus, who is constantly on the move.

As of March 7th, Saturn moved out of Capricorn, (it’s home sign) where it’s been playing (not so nicely) with the biggest little planet of power Pluto, and has just slipped into sublime and somewhat wishy-washy Pisces.

Now when you have the planet that helps build big business, governments, buildings, our societies, and wields the big stick of responsibility and self-discipline, move into the most nebulous, unworldly, head-in-the-clouds creative Pisces, what can we possibly expect to see?

Daydreamer Pisces is all about the spiritual scene - dreams - imagination and feet ungrounded. Pisces doesn’t want to live in reality, it wants to create and play in its own reality in it’s head. 

So, how can we make the most out of Saturn’s energy to build something real?

With an inspired idea, a visionary dream, a Pisces imagination.

The good news is that you don't have to be a Pisces to delve into an inspirational idea or visionary concept. However it will be helpful to know where Saturn has moved to in your own birth chart, so you can make the most of this Saturn-building cycle. (You can order yours here)

I see this as a truly unique opportunity (perfect for our upcoming Aquarius cycle) to watch the creative innovators, visionary geniuses and anyone else who happens to be creative at heart - or with an inspired idea from long ago, take hold and start building from the ground up.

Recall that Pluto is about to move into Aquarius on March 23, and while he’s doing some of his deck-cleaning, he’s (really) clearing the debris to prepare the way for our dreamers to create their newly Saturn-forged foundations.

While Pisces is great at imagining and dreaming, their Achilles heel is clear-headed decision making. With foggy, nebulous Neptune as it’s ruler, sometimes those clouds don’t clear up enough for Pisces to see their way through.

This is where Saturn will really help us out, as every builder knows, you need a good set of plans before you can start building. This is one way that planets bring us exactly what we need and when we need it.

So, if you have something of a creative or spiritual nature that you’ve been wanting to develop into a business, then this is your time to start.

A heads up to anyone thinking they can jump in and wing-it, be forewarned, as when Saturn is in charge of the playground, you’ll need to play by his rules. That means you’ll need to be organized, disciplined and work hard.

Responsibility is a key Saturn rule as well, so make sure you play accordingly. Saturn is not only about following the rules, but if you do, and in a responsible manner, Saturn does tend to bring rich rewards down the road. Like getting to have dessert if you eat all of your veggies. (But very likely more money in your bank account).

Saturn does not promise quick fixes or fast-track success. Saturn brings maturity and wisdom.

Depending on what house Pisces rules in your birth chart will tell you where Saturn is bringing this opportunity for building something of lasting value to. As an example, I happen to have Pisces as my 5th house ruler. The 5th house is all about creativity, taking risks (including gambling) romance, children, spontaneity, play and self expression.

For me then, Saturn will continue to help me build (through a solid and strategic plan) each of my creative projects; The Astrology Girls jewelry business, the Wellness Signature teaching platform - and my non-profit - Isabella’s Earth. And maybe I'll get lucky and fall in love - or at least go out for nice some nice romantic dinners.

I guess I should expect (plan) to work extra hard and be even more self-disciplined to make the most out of Saturn’s focused energy - over the next three years.

Of course, it’s always up to you as to how you utilize any planetary energy. However, as I’ve mentioned previously, Saturn is also headmaster of the school of hard knocks, so there will be no hall passes handed out over the next few years - just Saturn knocking on your front door with all the focus and determination you need, or maybe knocking you upside your head, reminding you to “fahgettaboutit” (Insert Brooklyn accent here) and get back to work.

We all know where we tend to get lazy and procrastinate, and Saturn knows it too.

The good news is, if you did your homework during the past few years of our collective time-out, you should be in prime condition, priorities straight and ready and raring to go by now.

So, line up your new (or re-imagined) creative projects - or any type of business for that matter - and start your building process in a new and improved way (Pluto in Aquarius is coming soon).

As the house cleaning process continues to pick up speed on the outside, remember to stay focused, present and determined on the inside - so as you go, you’ll be building your new life and be ready (ahead of the curve) for the new Renaissance that’s coming in 2024 and beyond.

Dream big and don’t stop until your dreams are realized in your life and in the world around you.

It’s time.

P.S. If you don't know your birthchart, you can order one here - with a full natal interpretation report.

To help you get started, here's a list of each zodiac house and the areas of life they oversee.

FIRST HOUSE: Self, Identity, Approach in Life, The Body

SECOND HOUSE: Money, Income, Values, Material Possessions

THIRD HOUSE: Mind, Communications, Thinking, Siblings

FOURTH HOUSE: Home, family, Mother, Early childhood

FIFTH HOUSE: Romance, Love Affairs, Creativity, Fertility, Self Expression

SIXTH HOUSE: Health, Fitness, Service, Work Habits

SEVENTH HOUSE: Relationships, Marriage, Contracts, Business Partnerships

EIGHTH HOUSE: Shared Resources, Sex, Intimacy, Inheritance, Taxes, Joint Ventures, Partners Resources

NINTH HOUSE: Travel, Foreign, Higher Education, Philosophy, Law, Religion

TENTH HOUSE: Career, Public Image, Reputation, Men/Father, Fame

ELEVENTH HOUSE: Groups, Friends, Associations, Humanitarianism, Hopes & Wishes, Future

TWELFTH HOUSE: Spirituality, Solitude, Hidden, Subconscious, Limited Beliefs

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