Happy Sagittarius Season!

Whew. We made it through a very heavy and dense Scorpio season that had most of us dragging through the day, and mostly dazed and confused.

Now that's behind us and we've officially entered a much happier and enthusiastic season of celebrating all that we can be grateful for; health, success, family and friends.

Today, the Sun moved into Sagittarius and I could feel the lighter encouraging energy start to flow a couple days ago. We also had the support of Mercury moving into Sagittarius on November 17 with Venus the day before that on November 16.

But wait, we've got more good news. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius stations direct tomorrow - on the new moon - no less!

This should give you a long overdue boost of optimism and looking forward to brighter horizons. Jupiter brings expansion and opportunities wherever it goes - just make sure you don't become overly optimistic - or overly indulgent at the Thanksgiving Day table, as Jupiter can also expand your waistline - or deplete your bank account.

Jupiter can make you feel so optimistic that you could go too far, so moderation in all things is a good measure to take when Jupiter has been let loose somewhere in your chart. If you don't know your astrological birth chart, you can order one here with a full natal chart interpretation - or better yet, order the 12-month future astrology report here and find out where Jupiter is calling you to action and expansion!

Add the Sun's powerful energy to Jupiter being set free, Mercury feeling extra expressive and add loving Venus to the mix, and we all have a wonderful window of opportunity to move our lives forward in ways we've felt held back since Jupiter went retrograde way back in April.

While retrogrades always offer us an opportunity to reflect, review and revise our previous perceptions - and decisions - no doubt this compilation of freed up and newly flowing energies will feel like a welcome relief to most of us.

The combined planetary energies offer a power-packed booster rocket to communications, whether you're promoting a product, service or yourself, take a leap of faith to expand your mind and heart as you take an accounting of what you want to create next - for all things Venus ruled; what you value, whether it's money, beauty in all it's forms - and love of course.

Get ready, plan and get excited - but don't dilly dally - as these energetic windows of opportunity are all about making the most of them when they are here.

Remember to feel the gratitude as we enter the holidays with more joy, more happiness and definitely more love in our hearts.



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