2023 Top Ten Tips for Navigating Mercury Retrograde

Get ready, because in a few short days from now, Mercury will once again, turn retrograde.

On December 29, 2022 our favorite and fast paced planet that rules communications, travel, contracts and more will be asking us to take the time to reflect and revisit our plans for the upcoming new year.

We'll all have until January 17, 2023 - when Mercury moves direct, to take stock, review and make any perceptual adjustments to the past, as well as how and what we want to create in our lives going forward.

Mercury is a 'personal' planet, meaning it has direct influence on our daily lives. However, Mercury plays with the big boys too. In terms of how the outer planets affect world events, major cycles and upheaval, Mercury is the one that helps us digest and discern what the 'big boy' planets are doing out there that affects us all at the day-to-day level.

We all need Mercury to help us comprehend, assimilate and/or relate to what's happening on the world stage, otherwise there cannot be value - or wisdom gained - much less applicable information applied in our daily life.

As many of us will be reflecting on the world events we're still trying to make sense of the past three years, this Mercury retrograde can help us start to put some important pieces into perspective in that regard. The surreal years of 2020 through 2022 were a collective bruising of sorts - not only on a global scale - but that which hit home for many of us - some in devastating ways and for most of us - in many different ways.

While this Mercury retrograde period will help us to put the past behind us, it has already begun a major new review - and revealing - of what was really going on behind the scenes during those three years. It's a classic Mercury Rx to expose the past - or bring a change of perspective on the past by revealing new information.

This time, we'll be getting a double whammy of sorts. As the #Twitterfiles are revealing the hidden communications, motives and censorship of data, opinions, questioning or merely sharing legitimate information, they are also setting the world stage for the big boy power-punch coming in March when Pluto moves into Aquarius.

My advise it to try to keep up as things will only pick up speed as we get into early Spring, and it'll be easier to absorb and adjust if you have built a foundation of truth to help you navigate the really big adjustments we'll all have to navigate throughout 2023.

With all new beginnings, there is preparation and the cleaning-house part that needs to make way for the new 'stuff' to move in. This is where we stand now as we are entering the cosmic cycle commonly referred to as the Age of Aquarius. It's going to get bumpy, but much like birthing a baby, there is some focus, effort and a little pain involved.

But then we'll have that beautiful new life we've all birthed together. So get ready. Get going and definitely get excited! We've got a new cosmic cycle on our horizon and it's going to be amazing!

Here are my top tips for navigating your life when Mercury is Retrograde - which happens about three times each year.

1.  Double and triple confirm all appointments, meetings, and times to meet up with friends.  Miscommunication and misunderstandings are the soup de jour during a Mercury Rx.

2.  This is the IDEAL time to review, revise, renew, reassess, reflect...anything with a 're' in front of it. It's an opportunity for you to literally change how you fell about past hurts and experiences. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to let it all go and realize the wisdom of any past experience.

3.  This is also a GREAT time to start something up again from your PAST or something you've been planning to do for a while now. If you are in sales or work with clients, Mercury retrograde is a great time to get in touch and see if they're ready to move forward. You'll be surprised at the results.

IF you decide to start something ALL NEW during a Mercury Rx you will have to REDO it after Mercury goes direct. The reason for this is that you will not have all of the information and something you missed or didn't know will come to light after Mercury goes direct on October 2 and within the next week or so as it moves out of what's called Mercury's shadow phase.

Way back in the early '80's I made this mistake and started a new job and moved to a new home under a Mercury Rx period.  Six weeks later, I lost that job and nearly lost my new home!

Since that time, I gained a quick and healthy respect for these short periods of time when Mercury is holding back on all the details. Now I use these periods to re-examine what I've got working on the drawing board.

So see every Mercury Retrograde period as the PERFECT time to get all those duckies lining up before you make your grand debut or launch your new plans. 

5.  It's also an IDEAL time to get in touch with people from your past. Don't be surprised if you hear from an old friend, boss or co-worker.  Ex-boyfriends can pop back into your life as well. Now that you know, you won't be surprised!

6.  If you own a business it's also a perfect time to follow up on deals that never panned out - this could be the time that they fall into place!

7.  If you've had a falling-out with a friend or family member, now is the perfect time to have a conversation and clear up the misunderstanding or hurt feelings.  You can really have a major shift in how you see things while Mercury is retrograde.  It can be an opportunity to (almost literally) changing the past based on how you view it. Don't be shy and make the most of the opportunities open to you now.

8.  Unless you absolutely have to, try your best not to purchase a new computer.  Again and unless you've been planning it prior to Mercury going retrograde - I would say by at least a week to be safe. Mercury rules contracts and communications so you may not be happy with your purchase later. 

9.  Mercury also rules all forms of travel.  Again, and unless you have to buy a new car or go on a last minute trip, it's best to wait. Definitely don't spontaneously decide to go out and buy a new car or book a vacation last minute.  You'll miss the fine print, or end up disappointed in the end.

10.  Unless you've been in contract negotiations at a minimum of ten days prior to Mercury going retrograde, wait until after October 2nd to sign any new agreements, contracts or legally-binding documents.  To be safe, give it a good week after Mercury goes 'direct' before signing.

Stay open and reflect on where you want to take your dreams. Review, reflect, re-analyze, re-strategize - anything with an 're' before it falls under the domain of any Mercury Retrograde period. Take your time and you'll see things from a new view and feel even more confident about where you're headed after January 17, 2023.  Happy Mercury Retrograde!

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