Planetary Frequencies = Mood | Outlook | Attitude

Whether you are new to Astrology or have utilized it's guidance in your life for years - or decades - once you begin to pay closer attention to the movement of our Solar System's collection of planets, you will experience a growing catalog of evidential proof that there's something to that pudding recipe.

Certainly, the Moon's cycles from New to Full will give you the most obvious proof of 'there's really something to this thing called Astrology'!

Ask any policeman or firefighter if they notice a difference in people's reactions and behavior during any given full moon. See what they say.

The reality is however, that our reality of living here on Planet Earth, is affected by more than simply our consciously chosen thoughts, feelings and actions.

What makes us wake up one morning and feel excited to be alive - or just for the adventure of a new day - versus the other days where we wake up unenthusiastic for the day ahead?

Based on my forty plus years of studying, integrating and following the planetary cycles and interactions, I have learned that the subtle frequencies our planets emit actually impact our daily moods, outlook and attitudes more than we'd probably like to admit.

But I'm ok with that. As I've also learned that there are reasons we need those lay-low days to ponder and reflect - or simply take a break and rest our weary brains from the non-stop over-stimulation of today's constant 'phone-in-hand' lifestyles.

Or to simply stop and think about the direction our life is moving in - and ask ourselves, is that really the road I want to take right now?

Both Einstein and Tesla set an entire day aside - EACH WEEK - to close themselves in a room - no interruptions allowed - to think, imagine and review their current inventions or theories. Can you imagine taking an entire day every week to actually just focus on your life, your projects or desires?

The truth is that we are all - in our current state of the world - overwhelmed and overstimulated by the outside world bombarding us with opinions, views, and criticism of what 'the other side' is doing or saying at any given moment. Our world has turned upside down and is currently in quite 'the mood'!

And all of this upside-downess of polarizing tiktok or twitter 'moods' and expressions can be directly linked back to what the planets are doing 'out there'.

Each planet has their own mood and mode of expression in an area of life on Earth - whether at the conscious or subconscious level. Each planet also expresses their unique frequency that resonates out and circulates through Earth's electromagnetic field - which in turn reaches our individual electromagnetic fields - and affects us, our lives and our mood, outlook and attitude.

In addition to that, the planets have their own relationships with each other - and just like humans, sometimes they don't get along very well. Or play nice.

We - as a collective consciousness otherwise known as Humanity - are currently in a phase of planetary cycles where an even bigger cosmic cycle is about to take place. That is the transition from the Age of Pisces into the new Age of Aquarius.

And just like the big life transitions you and I make - it takes some time to go through the old stuff that no longer serves you, or you don't want to move to the new house you just bought. The same thing is happening now - and on a global scale. Humanity is digging through the attic, the closets and looking under the beds for the old outworn stuff they don't want to pack up and take with them.

In early 2020, Pluto and Saturn had their 'infamous' conjunction. That's why we had to stop in 2020, take a look around, reflect and re-prioritize where we actually wanted to go. And we're still working our way through that process. That's also why we are seeing the dark and yukky stuff start to be revealed now - from all corners of our domain.

While Pluto likes to keep secrets and maintain it's center of power through lies, deceit and manipulation - it can also be the 'forest-fire' in life and wipe the decks clean when things no longer serve a higher purpose. As the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto also offers the greatest power of transformation available through choosing to be the Scorpion stinger and retaliate - OR - let go of the outworn gunk in your life - and rise like the Phoenix with a higher perspective and purpose.

Saturn's expression during that 2020 play date with Pluto was to maintain control and restrict - even if through the lies and deceits Pluto was putting out there. For those that didn't behave themselves, or 'follow Saturn's rules' there were punishments handed out on a global scale. 'Do as we say, not as we do'.

But now we have Uranus playing a pivotal role in the upcoming changing of the cosmic guard. And what does Uranus do when it gets to come out and play with the big boys? It brings Truth, with a capital 'T'. It surprises us with shocking revelations. It reveals new technology that changes the world. It inspires us to work together as a community and for the betterment of Humanity. It sends lightning bolts of genius ideas to those ready to receive them at a higher level of awareness.

It opens minds and hearts to consider new ideas and perspectives about freedom, independence and creative potential.

Uranus is knocking on the doors of anyone who is ready and willing to answer it's frequency call of inspired and innovative thinking. It's provoking visionaries to see the approaching new renaissance as it breaks free from the restrictive bonds of Saturn and reveal the deep and dark secrets that Pluto has been keeping while wielding it's power over Humanity for far too long.

We are on the cusp of the greatest new renaissance Humanity has ever seen - and is more than ready for. Get ready. Get excited...and get going. Clean out the cobwebs of your heart and mind - take some time to reflect, revise and renew your passion and purpose for life. It's going to be amazing and you definitely don't want to miss it.

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