Isabella's Earth and the Forces of Doom | Book

Isabella's Earth and the Forces of Doom | Book

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Shortly after her family's move to Florence, Italy, Isabella discovers the hidden world that most rarely see, and even fewer still believe in. Isabella’s great love for Nature leads her to be magically transformed into a faerie, and a thousand-year-old prophecy foretells that it is Isabella’s destiny to fulfill it.

Isabella, her younger brother Gianni, and their new friends Marco and Luigi embark on an adventure into a magical world, where the secrets of the great World Tree, riding wild black dragonflies and the life force that connects us all is revealed.

Anticipating Isabella's every move, are Grunion and his coalition of Gnomes who are determined to stop Isabella, and ensure their beloved Earth's survival without any more interference or harm from the humans.

With the forces of doom working against them, each will face their greatest fears, as well as discover their greatest gifts. Together they realize that despite the odds against them, each child can make a difference in their own unique way.

Enter a world of wonder, delight and danger.  A world few still believe in, yet where one child's belief could make all the difference.