The Quiet Revolution of the Heart - A New Renaissance | Book

The Quiet Revolution of the Heart - A New Renaissance | Book

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We are living in a time where the cosmic cycles of transformation have never been so transparent before.  Within cycles of time there are periods where change and upheaval open doors to opportunities for growth otherwise not possible.  This time is one of those cycles we all find ourselves in.

If you are currently one of the many people who are dazed and confused by life today, rest assured, there is great hope and optimism to restore the peace and calm to your life, despite the chaos that surrounds you.

In my new book, I connect the dots between the big picture view of how the Universe actually functions and how you fit into it. Along with the new and exciting opportunities now open to every one of us, I've included easy and practical step-by-step processes to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Discover the newly emerging evidence that is bridging the gap between science and spirituality and how this will inspire and empower you to embrace these fast-changing times. Humanity is in the midst of an energetic evolutionary transformation from one paradigm of life based on fear, control and competition to a new paradigm of living love as lifestyle.