Happy Birthday Libra!

Happy birthday Libra! If your birthday falls between September 23 and October 22nd, you are a Libra. As a Libra, you probably already know that your desire for inner balance is pursued by avoiding conflict and confrontation. While that's not always the case, if you could make the world a better place, there would be beauty and peace for everyone!

One of your greatest traits is that you - better than most - can see both sides of any story, allowing you to probably be a great listener, but also a non-judgemental friend. Not to say you are shy to call a spade a space, especially where social justice is called for, or you need to rush to the aid of the current underdog in any fight.

Meet Lauren.  She's a Libra.That being said, no one should underestimate any Libra and think you're all sugar - because there is some spice with you as well.  Every Libra gal is more than capable of swinging to the other side of the scales and start swinging her bitch stick. 

The majority of Libras are very charming, polite and gracious, so even if you think someone is in the wrong, you may not necessarily say so. Peace and harmony are the top priority for you - especially in your home. 

All Libras are great lovers of the arts, as your ruling planet is Venus. You'll love to create a beautiful home, entertain your friends and family while enjoying the finer delights of life.

As a Libra, you can be a great and loyal friend. You are innately fair minded and fun to be around. Libras love love and definitely wants everyone around her to be happy. You'll be there when your BFF needs you most.

Your biggest weakness is getting a little lazy at times and you can over-indulge in pleasurable pursuits. But hey, you do your best to keep it all in balance while you enjoy life and maybe binge watch Netflix every now and again.

Sapphires are your birthstone and that can explain why - possibly your favorite color is blue. 

Be sure to read the Rising and Moon Signs for your BFF's to better understand what goes into making them who they are and why you adore them.


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