Meet Ashley. She's an Aquarius.

Meet Ashley.  Her birthday is February 6th making her an Aquarius. Ashley is outgoing, friendly and a girls girl.  She loves the unique in life, even to the point of being eccentric.

Meet Ashley. She's an Aquarius.She can be a bit of a cool cucumber at times, but that's just her taking her time to get to know you first. Ashley loves people and can keep up with the best of them. She can also be kinda flaky, changing her mind at the last minute to do something other than what you had planned.  That's just Ashley being her spontaneous self.  Don't try to change her mind about it, because Ashley is independent and not shy about being unpredictable, and sometimes unreliable.                                                                       

Ashley has the uncanny ability to size you up, and pretty much any situation better than most.  She's also super intuitive and probably loves Astrology, Tarot cards and pretty much anything 'out there' because Uranus is her ruling planet.

Freedom loving, Ashley is anything but conventional.  She can be innovative and loves having the latest technology.  She's probably better at using the remote than her boyfriend.

But Ashley is one of your happiest friends who will probably say it how it is, even if you don't want to hear it.  Trustworthy, but a little unreliable, you'll still keep her around for her fun-loving spirit and unique outlook on life.  One thing is for sure, Ashley always keeps it interesting.

Amethyst BirthstoneAshley's birthstone is Amethyst and she loves receiving them in any size and any shape.  She'll also have an Amethyst crystal on her nightstand and probably more than one in her home for it's healing and protective energy.




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